Lou Pearlman Comments On Britney & Westlife

The Scottish Daily Record chatted with Lou Pearlman who offered his thoughts on Britney Spears taking a break and how he’d like to bring Westlife into his Florida-based boy band boot camp in an effort to crack America. On Britney, Lou commented, “She now feels she has to ask herself what she wants for the rest of her life. Obviously, it’s not about money because she has more than enough to last the rest of her life. And money doesn’t buy happiness. She has to find herself within and decide on what will make her happy, what the next phase of Britney will be. Does she want to continue in this business like Madonna and reinvent herself every so often? Or does she want to just enjoy life a little bit and travel or just go someplace to relax? Whatever it is, she has to do it for Britney. Not for anybody else.”

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