Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Happy Japanese Love Her Music

stopped by ‘The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson’ on Thursday to promote her hit CBS drama ‘Ghost Whisperer’. Ferguson also asked about her singing career, and how she’s been able to sell a lot of records in Japan. Asked why the Japanese were so crazy for her, Love Hewitt responded, “Because they don’t understand what I’m saying. I just don’t know. Wow, that’s the drinking thing again.” She added, “I don’t know why it does well there. But I’m glad it does well somewhere.” Check out the complete transcript after the cut.

Craig: My first guest tonight is a lovely and charming actress, you know her from “party of five” and the brand new hit “ghost whisperer.”

Craig: Please welcome the beautiful Jennifer Love Hewitt, everybody!

[Applause] Look at you! You look gorgeous. I know what I’m thankful for. What a lovely ensemble you have there. Is that boots you zip up the front?

Jennifer: Yes, it is. Want to unzip them?

Craig: Yeah!

[Applause] I don’t need a cheering section.

Jennifer: Go ahead.

Craig: Have you got socks on?

Jennifer: Whooo!

Craig: Is that enough?

Jennifer: I enjoyed that.

Craig: I’m going to have to see a doctor now.

Jennifer: I have my foot on your desk. My mom will kill me. Sorry about that.

Craig: I think she may be more concerned about the — what do you do for Thanksgiving?

Jennifer: I just eat a lot.

Craig: I can hardly believe that.

Jennifer: Do you cook?

Jennifer: Yes, I’m starting to learn.

Craig: I come from a country where potatoes are a staple indict.

Jennifer: Do you like them creamy or lumpy?

Craig: I’ll go any way you want to go. I don’t know if I’m creeping you out, but I’m creeping you out. Listen, the “ghost whisperer” is creepy. Have you had ghosts show up on your set?

Jennifer: We had ghosts show up on your set actually.

Craig: Seriously?

Jennifer: Yes, that’s right. We did a scene where we were filming like the staircase and there were these little boys who were kind of burning in an orphanage. A little depressing, it’s a drama. And a woman showed off it the bottom of the stairs when we played the footage back.

Jennifer: Craig: What was she doing there?

Jennifer: Nothing, just standing there.

Craig: I am a ghost. This is my agent’s telephone number.

Jennifer: She was just there. I mean I didn’t see her.

Craig: Do you believe in all that stuff?

Jennifer: Yes, it’s fast nurturing. I think i have to — yes, it’s fascinating. I think i have to because I’m the Ghost Whisperer. I have to talk to them and help them with their stuff.

Craig: You’re not from L.A., Are you?

Jennifer: I’m from Texas.

Craig: That’s a lovely state, isn’t it? It’s big. Is there a Texan in here tonight?

Jennifer: Yeah, there are like two. There were two, they’re like, yeah, whooo! Texas!

Jennifer: Craig: Texans are very tough, aren’t they? They’re giant.

Jennifer: They’re big and they like to eat barbecue and ride bulls and things.

Craig: You’re not interested in going out and strapping yourself on a cow and just going nuts?

[Applause] Why not?

Jennifer: Oh, well when you put it that way —

Craig: What about a mechanical bull?

Jennifer: I’m accident-prone so i don’t.

Craig: How does that manifest itself in the accident-prone department? You had an accident on the set, right?

Jennifer: Yes. We were on a read-through and i decided to crawl under a table because I’m small.

Craig: Why were you crawling under the table?

Jennifer: Just a little —

Craig: I’m very accident-prone, yeah.

Jennifer: I start at 9:00 A.M. I don’t know why i crawled under the table because i thought it would be faster. And I’m little so i can do those things.

Craig: Faster for what?

Jennifer: Than walking around the stable. Joe Dishner. I’m supposed to say his name. He hit me in the head with a metal chair.

Craig: Do you want me to fight him?

Jennifer: Yeah, I’ll bring him here.

Craig: Yeah, bring him here and I’ll knock him down. Well i won’t knock him down but somebody will knock him down.

Jennifer: I had a big bump on my head and — i had a ghost on my head. They actually sent me flowers the day that it happened and they wrote on the card, “thank god, you have bangs.”

Craig: Is there any bruising there?

Jennifer: No, but i have this little vain thing that’s permanently there. Oh, I touched your knee, I’m sorry.

Craig: I know you did, i counted the seconds of that. You’re from Texas, but you feel at home in Hollywood? You have been here a long time, haven’t you?

Jennifer: It takes some adjusting but it’s cool, sure.

Craig: How do you fill your day in this god forsaken hellhole?

Jennifer: I’m pretty boring. I’m learning to knit.

Craig: Knit?

Jennifer: This is how sad i am. I sit and I knit and I watch “The Golden Girls” or “Benny Hill.”

Craig: I don’t think that’s bad. I’m on a 12:30 if you ever —

Jennifer: I see you too.

Craig: We’ll be right back with Jennifer Love Hewitt, everybody!

[Applause] Craig: Welcome back! Welcome back my cheeky wee monkeys, et cetera. I’m here with Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Jennifer: That’s my nickname.

Craig: Why do people call you monkey?

Jennifer: I feel like you’re talking to me when you say cheeky wee monkey?

Craig: Why do they call you monkey?

Jennifer: I can do a monkey face, want to see?

Craig: Wow, you should work that into the “ghost whisperer”! I’m possessed by a monkey.

Jennifer: And people say i have the personality of a monkey. Is that a complement?

Craig: Do you enjoy bananas?

Jennifer: Yes, I do in fact.

Craig: Do you have a swing in your backyard?

Jennifer: I no, but I have back hair.

Craig: You don’t have back hair!

Jennifer: No, I don’t. Look, do you see any back hair?

Craig: Yes.

Jennifer: Be nice!

Craig: What are you doing in Hollywood? Are you dating? Are you seeing a young gentleman friend?

Jennifer: Why does that question always make me laugh? No, I’m just working a lot. It’s hard to date.

Craig: Why? I would imagine it would be quite easy for you, quite frankly?

Jennifer: It’s really not.

Craig: Why not

Jennifer: I’m always like the lil’ sister or the best friend. I’m never like the hot, desired friend.

Craig: Audience?


Jennifer: Guys don’t ask me out that often.

Craig: Again, i find that hard to believe. You must have gone out on some dates?

Jennifer: Yeah, it’s been enjoyable. I haven’t hated it.

Craig: What is the worst date you have ever been on?

Jennifer: Worst date i have ever been on I went out with a man who yelled at me a lot.

Craig: What did he yell at you about?

Jennifer: I like my steak basically burned, and i like it can ketchup.

Craig: You’re eating the damn steak and you’re paying for it.

Jennifer: That’s what i think. But he yelled at me and said I was not so much fist indicated.

Craig: — I was not sophisticated.

Jennifer: Craig: What kind of guy would do that?

Jennifer: I had a guy who gave me Altoids for later when we made out and he goes like this —

Craig: That’s as bad as the two finger salute.

Jennifer: Scary.

Craig: That’s no good. You know what i want to talk to you about is your music career as well.

Jennifer: Yeah, sure.

Craig: Did you sell records in Japan?

Jennifer: Yes.

Craig: Why are the Japanese so crazy for you?

Jennifer: Because they don’t understand what I’m saying. I i just don’t know. Wow, that’s the drinking thing again.

Craig: I’ll sing some things in Japanese.

Jennifer: I don’t know why it does well there. But I’m glad it does well somewhere.

Craig: Do you go on tour there?

Jennifer: Yes.

Craig: In the place called the Enormodom in Tokyo.

Jennifer: There’s a placed call Enormodome. I’m going to play there next year.

Craig: I’ll go out there and do standup with a Scottish accent and you can come out and sing. That would be great! Thank you, Jennifer Love Hewitt. We’ll be right back.

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