Lucy Walsh Inspired At SXSW

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@lucywalsh) on Saturday (March 21) while in Austin, Texas for the South by Southwest Music Festival. The daughter of Eagles’ guitarist Joe Walsh writes:

Being at SXSW has been inspiring in an unexpected way…it has jump-started my enthusiasm for what I do…because there are good bands and artists, but there are alot of sh**ty as well. Having the opportunity to see so many musicians together really reveals just how much work this career takes. I find that the sh**tier musicians here ‘do more’…dress brighter, have stupid haircuts, promote their shows through mega-phones, give away free stuff…etc. This is the epicenter for bands whoring themselves around. The more legit artists just focus on the music. It has been a perfect eye-opener to lead up to my next week writing new tunes in Nashville… all that ‘doing more’ doesn’t matter… good songs matter, hence the word ‘music’.

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