Lynda Lopez Interviews Sister J.Lo

Jennifer Lopez curly hairWho better to ask questions than her own sister? Watch an exclusive interview between J.Lo and WNBC’s new entertainment reporter sister Lynda about her new film ‘Enough’. Lynda also talked about how she was J.Lo’s fashion guinea pig growing up. The video has since been removed.

Visits TRL

May 22, 2002 – stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Wednesday to premiere her new video ‘I’m Gonna Be Alright’ featuring Nas. Jennifer also talked about shooting the video, her new film ‘Enough’ which opens Friday. J.Lo revealed that she got fired at a jeans store in her younger days because she danced too much. Lopez says she’s very maternal, but she’s not materal right now. She says when it happens it happens in regards to having a baby. Lopez brought her trainer Wade out in the end to demonstrate to everyone the self-defense choke-hold move from the film.

Jennifer Lopez Wants To Work With Puffy Again

May 22, 2002 – World Entertainment News Network quotes Jennifer Lopez as wanting to work with former boyfriend Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs in either music or film. J.Lo said, “I love his work as a musician and of course everybody knows we’ve worked together on videos and stuff. I would love to work with him in a movie as well. I think he’s a very talented artist.”

Billy Campbell Worried About Injuring Jennifer Lopez

May 22, 2002 – reports Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Enough’ co-star Billy Campbell was terrified during fight scenes with her fearing he’d accidentally harm her. One time Campbell made contact causing a bruise on her leg, but J.Lo dished it out as well. “She bruised my rib and I think I bruised her arm. We were very careful and everything was carefully choreographed. But inevitably things happen. You can’t predict which way a piece of furniture is going to fall.”

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    I feel the same way about peopel talking about J.Lo’s butt but I don’t think she gat the best butt that I will look at it cos its the same butt every girl out there has and even bigger than hers, better than hers and thighter than hers so what’s the point people give her false impression about her small looking butt. But she is my Star (J.Lo)

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