Lynne Says It’s Good Justin Is Considered ‘Dirty Dawg’

According to a posting, Britney Spears is featured in the new InStyle magazine, where mother Lynne talked about the stormy relationship between her daughter and star Justin Timberlake. Lynne said of the tabloid coverage devoted to the pair, “Actually I think the tabloids are making Justin out to be the dirty dawg in all this. So that’s good.” *NSYNC fans aren’t taking the snide remark well.

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6 thoughts on “Lynne Says It’s Good Justin Is Considered ‘Dirty Dawg’

  1. Lynn says:

    Damn, I thought Britney could be a lying bitch, but the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I always thought Brit’s dad seemed nice, he even said that he still views Justin as being a part of the family even after the break up. By the same token I have always viewed her mother as an overprotective stage mom who is pathetically living vicariously through her eldest daughter. Lynne is worse than Britney could ever be. The men in the Spears family are the only ones that have even the slightest bit of sense. Lynne has trained Britney and is doing the same to Jamie Lynn. I feel bad for that little girl.

  2. gwen says:

    Like mother, like daughter. She has the audacity to call Justin names. I got one for Mrs. Lynne Spears” controlled freak”. I believed that she plays a big role in the breakup. Britney probably acts the same way she does.She’s just probably not showing it now.

  3. Brentwood_Babe says:

    I’m feelin’ you two on this one. They probably couldn’t have a relationship with 3 people in it. It’s really sad when a mother lives through her daughter like this. When Brit’s 35, her mother will STILL most likely be living through her and calling the shots. I’ve seen people like this. Pathetic.

    Brit needs to cut that umbilical cord now if she ever wants the chance to really grow up and discover who she is. Otherwise, Lynne is getting a second shot at youth.

    Not right.

    Too bad Lynne Spears doesn’t have enough class to shut her mouth. It’s not HER relationship now, is it? Meanwhile, we don’t hear her saying anything on HER relationship to Jamie Spears, do we?

  4. ML11_84 says:

    I agree with everyone although i really don’t get Brits mom didn’t she always brag about how shes known Justin all his life and was like a son to her blah blah?? and now she says this??? i cant believe that she said that but i guess the good thing is that they still talk on the phone and that it wasn’t a bad breakup so that’s good but still Lynne really needs to calm down about all this. If the tabloids blamed Britney for the breakup she would be denying it saying what a good girl her daughter is.

  5. ckj says:

    You all are just a bunch of jealous people…You know Lynne Spears did say that she has known Justin for a while and that she loved the boy. What we all fail to forget it that Britney is her daughter and contrary to what we read in the papers we all don’t know what is going on or what went on with Britney and Justin. I think i will be happy to have a mom that will stick up for me like that especially in the lime light like that.. I am pretty sure that Justin must of did something to have Lynne spears feel that way about him. i also think that it was nice how Britney said that the break up was mutual. but we all know that it was not. I guess we will never know but lay off Mrs. Spears she is only being the protective mother.

  6. annsangel says:

    Protective mother- My goodness she can’t even keep her own husband happy- He wants a divorce- Naturally she is gonna put the blame on a man, she is fixing to be in court herself-

    And again, we don’t know if Justin did anything wrong, At least Justin’s mom handled it with a little more class, even Nsync friends are loyal to him and not saying a word.

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