Lynne Spears: Britney’s Not ‘Trashy’

Britney Spears’ mother Lynne posted a message to fans on her daughter’s official website on Friday ( 10). Lynne wrote, “All fan news aside, I really feel the need to clarify some of the media’s negative onslaught of press that has been everywhere lately. I’ve come across numerous photo’s where they are trying to depict Britney as, in their words, ‘trashy’. They are using various photo’s to try to illustrate their point, for example, the one where she stepped on her floor length skirt and of course, it pulled down too low in the front. I saw her in this outfit that day and she looked absolutely adorable. Girls, I am sure this has happened to you before, but luckily, there weren’t hordes of paparazzi around to capture it in photo’s. As for her walking barefoot, The Doctor’s orders are for her to wear Uggs or tennis shoes and it’s just too hot for that. Sometimes it just feels good to go barefoot in this heat and give her feet a rest. But then again, I guess it’s easy to find these ‘flawed’ human moments when there’s 10-14 cars of paparazzi documenting your every move.”

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