Lynne Spears’ New Book Will Be A Great Read For Britney’s Kids

‘Showbiz Tonight’ host A.J. Hammer talked with David Caplan of People magazine and celebrity publicist Marvet Britto about ’ mother Lynne revealing details about her daughters’ lives. Asked about Lynne’s motivation in writing ‘Through The Storm’, Caplan said, “Well, Lynne said she wanted to set the record straight and really clear all the erroneous reports that have been floating around about her daughter Britney and, of course, the rest of the family. In the interview with People, she says also that what’s great about this book from her perspective is that when Jayden and Preston grow – they’re Britney’s kids – that they’re going to see, quote, ‘that their family was a passionate family and they’ll know where they came from’ and that, in a few years, when they do read it, they’ll be able to say, ‘Hey, look where we are now and look what happened then,’ how they were able to rebound.” Watch the segment, aired Wednesday (September 10), below.

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