Lynne Talks About Spears Family Thanksgiving

Lynne Spears posted a new update on ’ official site on Tuesday. Lynne writes, “I hope your Thanksgiving was as nice and peaceful as ours was. As usual, we ate too much. Yesterday was Britney’s 21st birthday. Birthdays always make me a bit melancholy. I always remember times past. I haven’t had a perfect life, but I have more than my share of great memories, especially when it comes to my children. Britney and I went to a private island last week. It was beautiful and so serene. The island was accessible only by boat. The flowers and greenery were wild and growing naturally on the island. We ate only delicious and healthy foods. A week of sun, sailing, massages, and yoga, helped us forget about all the distractions we endure in our hectic lives every day.”

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