Madonna & Missy Elliott Shill Badly For Gap

Malcolm Mayhew of Knight Ridder weighed in on how is teaming with Missy Elliott on the new Gap advertisements, arguing the singer “is clearly trying to boost her sales and perhaps prove to herself and her fans that she’s still relevant.” Mayhew says, “But the sheer fact that Madonna and Missy would participate in regurgitating a remixed, reworded version of Madonna’s hit ‘Into the Groove’, while dancing very badly, just proves that the Material Girl isn’t above doing obvious, non-inventive commercials to save her music career.”

Madonna’s ‘English’ Lit

August 11, 2003 – The New York Daily News profiled Madonna’s upcoming children’s book ‘The English Roses,’ the first of six books from the Material Mom. “The biggest question over the [children’s book] industry right now is whether the Madonna book will be good,” says Diane Roback, children’s book editor of Publishers Weekly. “Her publisher will really have to hit out of the park to justify the hype. How much the world cares remains to be seen.”

Fan Tries To Get Into Madonna’s Home

August 8, 2003 – The Sun reports that a fan of Madonna’s has been arrested after repeatedly trying to get into the singer’s Ashcombe Estate. The 31-year-old German was being held last night in a hospital under the Mental Health Act. “There is no evidence or suggestion that he intended to cause anybody any harm or distress,” remarked police spokesman Graham Briant. Neither the Material Girl and hubby Guy Ritchie were in the home at the time of the incident.

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5 thoughts on “Madonna & Missy Elliott Shill Badly For Gap

  1. Tig says:

    ok, gang, I’ve listened to Madonna’s new CD. It’s Snobby European Trash. Boring ballads with too deep lyrics that you have to think about for an hour. Not good. The CD is boring. After 23, years, it might finally be over. Even Erotica had a hot little sound, even though it only sold 2 million copies or so. Here’s what we need to do….Madonna-this image change didn’t work…it’s boring and old. Go back into your bag of tricks and re-do this image. The commercial is okay..but it’s not all that…she needs the fire back. Because right now she’s doing the Lazy B*tch thing.

  2. princess07 says:

    I think the commercial is really good its one of my favorites right now…..and whoever wrote the article is reading way to much into it! for goodness sakes it is a gap commercial! not a promo for feed the children!…im embarrassed to be from Ohio… and I got a question…does the gap commercial come on in the U.K.?

  3. leodude666 says:

    I love the commercial, I don’t support GAP at all but I still love Madonna’s acting/singing. I have Madonna’s new album “American Life” and I think it is a masterpiece. It’s different than anything out there because it’s a mix of acoustic guitar, electronic beats, and dance music. Madonna may not be as popular as she used to be, but her career is DEFINITELY not over. Madonna will be around forever not only because she has millions of die hard fans, but because she is the best business woman in the world and is always shocking people. When Madonna came out with “Erotica” 10 years ago everyone said she was over, then the same with her next album and so on…so just think a minute…10 years from now all you people dissing her will be laughed at!

  4. Dominicano1197 says:

    That’s exactly what I was thinking. Aren’t lyrics supposed to be deep? Or are they supposed to be predictable and boring? I actually like the commercial,especially Missy’s part.

  5. Tig says:

    Here’s the facts, She’s lazy with this CD, she didn’t re-record any new vocals for the remix. She screwed up the video and released that American Life Video where she looked 80 years old, and Hollywood, is stupid. She needs to realize, her deep depressing CD is boring. Other than…Nothing Fails (with just a hint of passion and life–is like the old Madonna), she’s in bad voice thru-out…She needs to hang up her knickers and try again. A Bore. The commercial is cool though

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