M83 Apologizes For Security Confrontation At Wexner Center

Anthony Gonzalez of M83 checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@m83), apologizing for the French electropop group’s confrontation with security at a concert in Ohio last weekend. The post states:

Statement regarding events at M83’s performance at the Wexner Center, Columbus, OH on the 18th July 2009.

I’ve been thinking about the events that happened at the end of show in Columbus last Saturday. Time and distance has given me the space to realize that my actions were clearly inappropriate. I wish to emphasize that inviting the crowd on stage was in no way calculated but simply a result of being caught up in the intensity of the moment and essentially celebrating what I believe had been a very positive and enjoyable performance for both the band and the audience. In retrospect though I understand why such actions were not the wisest and why the staff at the venue had requested me not to encourage the audience on stage. I sincerely apologize for the way I handled the situation, and in particular for trying to physically interfere with security staff at the venue who I fully accept were only trying to do their job of ensuring proper protection for both the band and members of the audience.

My reactions in the heat of the moment have caused me much regret and once again I offer my sincere apologies to all persons concerned with the show and at the venue. I feel that it is important to issue a public apology as I do not wish my actions to be perceived as in any way as condoning or encouraging aggressive behavior.

24th July 2009

Watch what happened below.

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