Macaulay Culkin To Testify For Michael Jackson Today

According to Roger Friedman of, Macaulay Culkin will testify today in Michael Jackson’s child molestation trial. Friedman writes, “I’ve known Macaulay Culkin since he was about 12. He’s a good kid and so are his siblings. But he’s suffered a stigma of having been Jackson’s alleged ‘victim’ for years even though he’s denied publicly that anything illegal, sinister or inappropriate ever happened between him and Jackson. Today he gets to set the story straight. Hopefully, he will finally get his chance, and it will do Jackson some good.” Read more.

Jackson Puppet Theatre Auction

May 11, 2005 – The MSNBC show ‘Countdown with Keith Olbermann’ is auctioning off autographed puppets used in their regular segment ‘ Puppet Theatre’, used to provide re-enactments of the singer’s child molestation trial. Included are stick puppets of Michael Jackson, DA Tom Sneddon, attorney Tom Mesereau, Judge Melville, Jackson’s chimp Bubbles, and Jackson’s crutches and pajamas. The sticks are also autographed by Olbermann. The auction is currently bid at $15,000, with proceeds going to support Celiac Sprue Association (CSA). Check out the segment that aired on

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