Macauly Culkin Says Mandy Moore Is ‘Wonderful’

Macauly Culkin talked about his new movie ‘Saved’ to Entertainment Tonight and was asked about how he felt about working with co-star Mandy Moore. “No, it wasn’t bad at all! Mandy’s wonderful and we’ve all had a great time just hanging out. I don’t know any of her music at all, but I think she knows that too!”

Mandy Moore Has Had An Assistant Once

October 22, 2002 – Mandy’s recent claim that she doesn’t have an assistant was questioned since the singer/actress had earlier claimed in her criticism of hte Toronto Star that she did have an assistant. Mandy responded, “Oh my goodness. Let’s set the record straight here. I had an assistant during ‘How to Deal’. She was hired by the film company to help me out for the summer. The one and only time I have had an assistant. Other than that, it’s just little old me.”

Mandy Moore To Host TRL On October 28th

October 22, 2002 – Mandy will host MTV’s Total Request Live on Monday (October 28). A fan asked Mandy on her official boards if she was going to TRL to release her new secret video, and Mandy said no, but that she’s hosting instead.

Mandy Moore Works With Amazing Actors & People

October 22, 2002 – Mandy was asked on her official message boards whether she felt it was scary to work with veteran actors on films, and whether they offer her advice. Mandy responded, “Of course! Who wouldn’t be scared? But luckily, all have been amazing actors and amazing people. I have learned/observed so much on this film alone… unreal. It’s great to work with people you have so much admiration and respect for.”

Top Mandy Moore Searches In September

October 19, 2002 – Searches for Mandy on pay-per search engine during the month of September were relatively strong, with 136,288 searches for ‘Mandy Moore’. The singer’s resistance to posing for mens magazines perhaps has helped her credibility, as unlike Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, or Willa Ford, searches for her lyrics double searches for her nude. Mandy’s song ‘Only Hope’ from the ‘A Walk To Remember’ soundtrack, was the most searched tune with 3,288 queries, followed by ‘Cry’ with 1,485. The most popular misspelling was “Mandy More” with 2,193 queries.

Mandy Moore Is Really Replying To Forum Members

October 19, 2002 – Mandy denied a forum poster’s claim that she has an assistant answer the questions on her official message board for her. Mandy said, “An assistant? You guys, I am certainly not cool enough to even have an assistant. And if I did, he/she wouldn’t ever post for me. No way. I have way too much fun reading/responding to your posts. Well, most of the time lol, jk. Anyway. Enjoy your day.”

Mandy Moore Refutes Phoney Article On New Album

October 19, 2002 – Mandy responded to a phoney article posted at a Mandy hostboard forum that has been fraudulently posing itself as a board Mandy herself posts at. The article stated that Moore would release ‘Disillusioned Dreams’ in February or March of next year, with ‘Around The Bend’ being the first single. Mandy said, “Oh my goodness!! Where the heck did you get that info? I’m sorry to say this, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s as if someone completely made it up. I have recorded one song for the album. One. And it’s a cover of a song at that. lol. No album until at least next summer. Sorry guys, lol.”

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