Madame Tussaud’s Celebrity Nativity Scene

Waxwork models of David Beckham as Joseph, former Spice Girl as Mary, and as the Angel form part of Madame Tussaud’s controversial celebrity nativity scene at the world-famous tourist attraction in central London. Check out pictures from FilmMagic, RexFeatures, and GettyImages.

Big Demand For Posh’s Jeans

The Mirror reports that former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham’s move to fashion seems to be going well, with her £250-a-pair Rock & Republic jeans already receiving 300 pre-orders at London’s Harvey Nichols. “The range will be limited to just 200 in the UK and only 29 pairs will arrive before Christmas,” a source revealed. “In Japan, 400 pairs sold out within three days, so it’s looking like yet another huge money-spinner for the Beckhams.”

Posh’s Butler Walks Out

David and Victoria Beckham’s butler and housekeeper John and Nikki Giles-Larkin moved out of “Beckingham Palace” on Friday after being employed for two years. Sources tell News of the World that the former Spice Girl is now terrified that John will go public about his time with the Beckhams. “John’s a nice guy. There’s absolutely no suggestion he would spill the beans,” a source insisted. “They’ve just had enough. John loved working for David but found it less easy to work with Victoria. She was always making demands on him. If anything was needed she’d shout for him and get him to do it, regardless of what he was doing.”

Posh Won’t Discuss Rebecca Loos With Media

Sources tell Ann Montini of Sky News that former Spice Girl has turned down every television show or magazine deal wanting her to tell all about her husband David’s alleged affairs because it would “give the gold diggers even more PR.”

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