Madonna And Guy On Larry King Live

The transcript for Larry King’s interview with Madonna on Thursday (October 10) has been posted at When asked what her first break was, Madonna admits, “It probably started off as a song on the radio, and then it — and then I think it was an appearance at the MTV awards, where I think I was rolling around on the stage in my underpants. And I think I did something like that.” Read more, including King’s talk with Madonna’s husband Guy Ritchie, here.

Guy Ritchie Didn’t Have To Pull Punches With Madonna

October 12, 2002 – Chris Hewitt of the Saint Paul Pioneer Press chatted with Guy Ritchie about ‘Swept Away’, where he admitted Madonna had definite ideas about her character, and he agreed with most of them. “It was very easy, really. I get on with her really well, obviously, and she’s such a pro,” Ritchie said. “With her, I didn’t have to pull my punches like I might with someone else. I could say, ‘That thing you’re doing? Don’t do that.’ And as soon as the other actors see that you’re tough on one person, so to speak, you can transfer that to them.”

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