Madonna Audits Kabbalah

The Sun reports that Madonna has demanded a detailed account of how her money has been used since the start of her sell-out Re-Invention tour in May, refusing an invitation to give a lecture at a private seminar held by Kabbalah leader Rabbi Berg while she waits for the explanation. “Madonna wants to know what projects her money is going to and why certain projects are chosen ahead of others,” a source explained. “She wasn’t entirely satisfied that it was going towards the projects she thought deserved the most financial support. Now she has asked for a clear, detailed report on where the money is being spent before it gets the go-ahead. She’s as keen as ever to help but is treating it like a business plan – just like she does everything else.”

Madonna’s Friends To Join Her In Israel

August 30, 2004 – A source tells Jeannette Walls of that Madonna will be joined by actor Hugh Jackman and his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, as well as Donna Karan on her pilgrimage to Tel Aviv in September to celebrate the Jewish holidays. Anyone else joining the Kabbalah journey? “We still haven’t gotten a confirmation from Demi [Moore] and Ashton [Kutcher],” says the insider. “[Moore is] shooting a movie [‘Half Light’] in Wales and might not be able to join us.” Read more.

Disabled Fans ‘Ignored’ At Madonna Concerts

August 29, 2004 – The Daily Mail reports that organizers of Madonna’s first Irish concert have attacked reports that they were ignoring disabled fans. Former Taoiseach John Bruton had claimed his officials were told there would be no discounts for helpers bringing wheelchair-bound fans to Sunday’s show. “We take our commitment to inclusiveness seriously and take issue with any suggestion to the contrary,” said Justin Green of promoters MCD. Read more.

Madonna Sheds Tears For Fans Support

August 28, 2004 – The Sun reports that Madonna broke down and wept on stage as she dedicated a song to her British fans on Thursday night at Wembley Arena in London, the last date of the UK leg of her ‘re-Invention’ world tour. “Madonna was overcome with emotion,” a source revealed. “It seems she has thoroughly enjoyed the tour and she was thrilled at the crowd’s response. She couldn’t find a tissue so wiped her eyes with the hem of her kilt – and then pulled herself together to do the number. It was brilliant.”

Madonna’s Daughter Takes A Bow

August 26, 2004 – Blitz had video, since removed, of Madonna at London’s Great Ormond Street children’s hospital to launch Madge’s new book, ‘Yakov And The Seven Thieves’, where her daughter Lourdes read to the children, finishing with a bow. Also on the clip was an update on German singer Daniel Küblböck.

Madonna And Lourdes Read To Kids In London

August 26, 2004 – Hours before her ‘re-Invention’ performance in London on Wednesday night, Madonna and daughter Lourdes, whom she calls ‘Lola’, were at London’s Great Ormond Street children’s hospital to launch Madge’s new book, ‘Yakov And The Seven Thieves’. “I’ve got a gig soon and I need to rest my voice, so my daughter Lola is going to read for you instead,” Madonna told the kids. Read more, and check out a photo of Lola reading with Madonna sitting by her side here.

Kabbalah Center Receiveth More Than They Giveth

August 22, 2004 – The Sunday Mirror reports that although Madonna has given millions to the Kabbalah Center, for the singer’s 46th birthday, Madge was sent a collection of, very “special” gifts from their Los Angeles headquarters, including a birthday card worth $1.98, a framed artwork worth $199.77, a DVD worth $11.97, and an artbook worth $9.99.

Madonna’s Tour Grosses Over $79 Million

August 21, 2004 – Contributed by StilettoSadist: The totals for Madonna’s Re-Invention Tour North American leg (39 shows) reported to Billboard is $79,500,054 with 553,505 tickets being sold. For a break down of grosses by city read on.

1. Inglewood, Calif.: $6,965,055- 3 shows/43,158 attendance
2. Las Vegas, Nev.: $7,005,548- 2 shows/28,341 attendance
3. Anaheim, Calif.: $4,164,450- 2 shows/24,250 attendance
4. San Jose, Calif.: $5,543,715- 3 shows/40,205 attendance
5. Washington, D.C.: $3,486,684- 2 shows/26,788 attendance
6. New York, New York: $12,674,925- 6 shows/88,625 attendance
7. Boston/Worcester, Mass.: $6,439,890- 4 shows/46,075 attendance
8. Philadelphia, Pa.: $4,134,478- 2 shows/30,575 attendance
9. East Rutherford, N.J.: $4,437,345- 2 shows/29,315 attendance
10. Chicago, Ill.: $7,894,105- 4 shows/59,591 attendance
11. Toronto: $5,322,703- 3 shows/52,167 attendance
12. Atlanta: $3,450,874- 2 shows/25,627 attendance
13. Fort Lauderdale/Sunrise, Fla.- $3,834,522- 2 shows/28,208 attendance
14. Miami, Fla.- $4,145,760- 2 shows/30,580 attendance

Amy Winehouse Blasts Madonna, Britney Spears & More

August 21, 2004 – The Mirror reports that jazz singer Amy Winehouse is blasting her pop counterparts, including Madonna, Britney Spears, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, Dido, former star Rachel Stevens, and jazz rival Katie Melua. Winehouse whined of Spears: “I wish her luck with her marriage because I hope it stops her going back to the studio.” As for Madonna, Winehouse sneered, “She’s an old lady. She can’t shock any more. She should get a nice band, just stand in front of them and fu**ing sing.”

Madonna Gives Britney 12th Century Kabbalah Book

August 19, 2004 – The Sun reports that Madonna has given Britney Spears and fiance Kevin Federline one of Kabbalah’s central texts, the Zohar. “Britney was delighted with the book. She has read it thoroughly and seems completely taken with it,” a source revealed. “Madonna has always looked out for Britney. When Britney was going through a tough time earlier in the year, Madonna used Kabbalah teachings to help her through.” Experts say the 12th century Kabbalah book is an extremely tough read and almost impossible to grasp. Read more, including an interview with Madonna at her London show and pictures from the gig, here.

Madonna Beginning To Distance Herself From Kabbalah

August 19, 2004 – A source tells Star magazine that Madonna’s becoming disillusioned with The Kabbalah Center because “she’s upset that they’ve been marketing off of her. She’s tired of them constantly coming to the well for money, and she was furious they leaked she was going to Israel. She’s over it.” The source adds that her husband Guy Ritichie has also “had enough of it.” The Material Girl’s rep said, “There’s nothing to lead me to believe anything’s changed.”

Madonna Celebrates 46th Birthday

August 18, 2004 – Madonna celebrated her 46th birthday with her family by having lunch at Smiths of Smithfield Restaurant and visiting a museum on Tuesday (August 16) in London. Check out pictures from TheSun.

Madonna’s Birthday Spa Party

August 18, 2004 – The Mirror reports that Madonna is planned to spend £3,000 on a day of health treatments for her 46th birthday on Monday (August 16) for herself and friends. “She is really generous and just figured that as she has been on tour she fancied a relaxing birthday,” a source explained. “And what better way to do that than to have a real ‘Sex And The City’-style day out with her best friends. She has insisted she is paying for everything and that all the massages and facials will be her treat.”

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