Madonna Borrows Marie Antoinette’s Jewels For Ad

Us Weekly reports that the pearl earrings that wears in the ads for her upcoming ‘re-Invention’ World Tour were taken from the crown of 18th century monarch Marie Antoinette. “They are rare natural pearls, one brown, one white, and at least 20 millimeters,” revealed Los Angeles jeweler Neil Lane, who lent the jewels from his private collection.

Kabbalah And Private Jets A Demand For Madonna Tour

April 17, 2004 – A source tells Star magazine that during her upcoming ‘re-Invention’ World Tour, Madonna has “insisted on a private jet to every city, so she doesn’t need to stay in any hotels during the U.S. stint [28 days] of the tour. She will fly to and from her NYC apartment for each fo the East Coast shows – and from her L.A. home for the West Coast shows,” and plans to “stay in a friend’s estate while doing Florida shows.” And to the surprise of no one, the singer “will also be flying her Kabbalah advisors around the globe to keep her grounded during the grueling tour.”

Madonna Won’t Have 10 Pairs Of Falsh Lashes

April 14, 2004 – Madonna’s rep Liz Rosenberg denies reports that there’ll be 10 pairs of custom-made false eyelashes for her upcoming ‘re-Invention’ tour – one for each costume change – and that they’ll cost upwards of $2,000. “She is not changing eyelashes for each costume,” Rosenberg tells Jeannette Walls of “Madonna is the Material Girl because she doesn’t spend money that recklessly. She has two kids to put through college for goodness sake.”

Madonna Switches Slane Gig To Monday

April 14, 2004 – Ireland Online reports a formal request for a license for the planned Madonna concert at Slane has been lodged with Meath County Council. Madonna has apparently bowed to pressure by locals who objected to a concert on Sunday. Instead, the Material Girl will perform on a Monday (August 29). A final decision on whether to approve the event will then take another five weeks.

Usher Says Britney Spears Is A Fool For Kissing Madonna

April 14, 2004 – WENN reports Usher has blasted Britney Spears for kissing Madonna at the MTV Video Music Awards last year, expressing sympathy for *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake, who had to watch the kiss in person. “Britney Spears. She’s a fool. I’d never have kissed Madonna on national TV,” Usher said. “I don’t care how much press she got – I think it was ignorant. I personally have a problem with it. I don’t know how Justin had the heart to keep his mouth shut, but you only had to look at his face to tell he was obviously disgusted. If there was anything I hated in 2003, that was it. It was a really bad move.”

Madonna Madness In California

April 13, 2004 – reports the frenzy for tickets to see the Queen Of Pop is at an all time high. This morning at 10:00 AM PST Madonna tickets went on sale for the Re-Invention tour in San Jose California. All the tickets were sold out for the June 6th show in six minutes. That prompted another show to be added at 10:06 AM for June 8th with those selling out in eight minutes. In a scant 14 minutes Madonna had sold out 2 shows in San Jose.

Madonna: No Friday Gigs

April 12, 2004 – The Sun reports Madonna is refusing to play Friday night gigs on her upcoming world tour – because Kabbalah forbids it. “This shows just how much Madonna is influenced by Kabbalah,” remarked a pal. “She is completely focused on following her beliefs, no matter what lengths she has to go to.” Read more.

Special Eyelashes Ordered For Madonna’s Tour

April 10, 2004 – The New York Post reports Madonna has asked Shu Uemura to make special false eyelashes to use for her upcoming ‘re-Invention’ tour. Uemura, whose namesake company was also responsible for making Jennifer Lopez’s famed false eyelashes of mink, expects to make at least 10 different types for Madonna’s many costume changes. “She wants distinctive lashes for her different looks,” an insider shared.

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