Madonna Eyes Collaboration With Paul McCartney

A witness tells The New York Daily News that was trying to line up a collaboration with the Beatles legend Paul McCartney backstage at the Live 8 concert in London. “She was spending quality time backstage with Paul McCartney, and they had a 15-minute chat about her new CD and him possibly doing something with her for the record,” the spy revealed.

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7 thoughts on “Madonna Eyes Collaboration With Paul McCartney

  1. galleta says:

    OMG…It’s bad enough she thought she was good enough to duet with Sting, now shes after… during his hey day he wouldn’t have even looked at ole Madge. Icon…lol….she’s and Icon for being a stripper and that’s about it, even Madge herself says she thinks she went to far in her day. Funny how having kids changes ones views. HopefulLY Hoe-ney will grow up after her child is born.

  2. AFStud501 says:

    Well if this b.i.t.c.h would have stuck around after her performance at Live8, she could have sang live with him. All the performers that actually cared enough about the event to stick around, duetted with McCartney during the “Hey Jude” finale. Instead Madonna was too busy complaining about lighting, and worried about bumping into Mariah, to actually care about the Live8 event.

  3. EdwardAlex says:

    her and sting are good friends.. that would have been awesome

    the album is pretty much finished from what i hear anyway.. just some remix action’, ‘going on.

  4. popfan_23 says:

    after her HORRIBLE set at Live 8 I hope he doesn’t help her, but then again he was horrible at the superbowl, so maybe they should go and be horrible together

  5. galleta says:

    it only would have been awesome if she didn’t sing lol I’m sorry but Sting and Madge’, ‘duet…ummm….I don’t think so

  6. Clara106 says:

    first of all, madonna’s performance at Live 8 has been highly praised and hailed as the highlight of the event. also, madonna is an extremely talented, and versatile musical artist. if you don’t agree thats fine, you are entitled to your opinion but, madonna has proved it many times over. im sure that paul respects her, and what she has done with career. she is also good friends with his daughter, stella mcCartney, and have already met before on several occasions. i don’t see why he would be opposed to working with her. im sure they can come up with something really great.

    i thinks that for sting to decide’, ‘sting and madonna have been good friends for some time, and she even credits him for introducing her to her husband. its fine if you think she doesn’t sing well but, i think thats up to sting and paul mccartney to decide. and from what i know, they both respect madonna and consider her to be talented.

  7. galleta says:

    i’m not doubting madges talent. She is a very talented business woman, and a very good entertainer, a good singer she isn’t and she knows it. To mutilate a Sting or McCartney song would be a crime. Friends tell friends the truth. But at this point in all 3 of their careers it doesn’t matter they could each put out a lousy record and it would still sell….lol

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