Madonna Fights Warner Over Label

The New York Times reports is attempting to squeeze millions of dollars out of Warner Music to keep funding her slumping record label Maverick.

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10 thoughts on “Madonna Fights Warner Over Label

  1. rangergirl says:

    Maybe Madonna could ask Britney’s mother, Lynne, advice on how to pimp out her children. Maybe then she can hold on to her company. Or she should ask Jive Records permission to pimp out Kabbalah “friend” Brit. Either way she wins.

  2. webanging says:

    Didn’t the All Time Queen of Flops have a record label that went bust after a couple sort years. It had a really dumb name to almost as dumb as calling her fans lambs.

  3. PrincessLambFlops says:

    I believe it was Monarch records, but I may be wrong!

  4. crunked says:

    Yeah you are wrong and that’s because your a dumbass fool!

  5. Homertime says:

    The only good thing to come out of Maverick Records is Michelle Branch. But Michelle really should move on to bigger, better things and switch labels. And no, MonarC Records is the label Mariah is currently working with, in conjunction with Island Def Jam/Universal. The label that was dissolved when her relation with Sony was soured was Crave. Crave signed the group Allure and had the chart-topping single “All Cried Out”. The label and group were successful and would have continued to be, had Tommy Mottola not been such an ass.

  6. PrincessLambFlops says:

    We all know that the Queen of Flops was the reason for the demise of the record label.

  7. Homertime says:

    No, Mariah was the reason behind the rise of that particular record label. And besides, you’ve already demonstrated how ignorant you are. Why keep posting?

  8. Danisha says:

    See kiddies, this is what happens when you spend most of your career trying to shock people so they won’t notice you don’t have much talent. Spears should be taking notes, not that it would help. Maverick is going to fold soon and ‘Madge’ will probably have to go do another duet with Britney to keep people interested. Only one problem: People have already stopped caring. Pathetic.

  9. webanging says:

    Madonna’s label has already lasted 11 years and the article says she had one of the most successful artist vanity labels ever. Mariah’s went down the crapper in only a few years and didn’t even produce 1 hit album. Mariah is a true flop queen, everything she does is a major failure.

  10. mikemc says:

    I have to laugh at the little knowledge you fools have about Mariah. Her record company, MonarC Records, is just kicking off. She has herself on there and like 3 or 4 other acts currently in the process of recording their albums. Whether you like it or not her company is doing well, her own album is a MULTI-PLATINUM success and MonarC isn’t only a record label, it’s an entire corporation!! MonarC is also a film production company which is currently in the works to producing a film adaption of the book “Wifey” and Mariah’s new accessory line will be hitting stores soon which is a subsidiary of MonarC. Yeah, it REALLY seems like her corporation is going down the drain!!!! GIVE ME A BREAK!

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