Madonna Giving Fundraiser Concert For Wes Clark

The New York Post hears that is giving a concert in her home in Los Angeles as a fund-raiser for Democratic Presidential candidate General Wesley Clark.

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4 thoughts on “Madonna Giving Fundraiser Concert For Wes Clark

  1. amusicfanofsoul says:

    I she was smart she would invite Britney…but she’s following Christina tour route right now so… n/m!

  2. rangergirl says:

    I heard that Madonna, Rosie O’ Donnell and some others had recently given a fundraiser for this candidate….so maybe she did offer to give a concert as a fundraiser. Isn’t Clark’s son a screenwriter? Maybe he could write Madonna a decent script for her to mess up.

  3. YogiBear says:

    what a joke! if anything, Clark should’ve asked somebody else because Madge’s star is fading in the United States.

  4. MistySl says:

    Queen of Flops is giving a Concert’, ‘Madonna, Maddy, Madge-the CD failed, the Video Failed, the Movie failed, the Remix CD failed, the singles Failed, Honey—give it up…take a few years off (u’ll be 50) and then try again. All the Divas are having problems: here goes J LO: Where do we start. Flopped Movie, Flopped Single(I’m Glad and The One), Flopped Marriage, Flopped Engagement, Flopped Music Videos, Stolen Songs (Mariah), Didn’t really sing on I’m Real (say thanks to Ashanti), Flopped Remix CD, Flopped perfume. Whitney: Wrong Singles, Flop CD’s, Lots of drugs and bad Wigs. Horrible Live performances Mariah: Ok, you went Platinum, but open your mouth and prove that your the biggest selling female artist in history. Sing girl Pink: Wrong attitude, too butch, wrong singles, Wrong Videos Jessica Simpson: Wrong singles, Wrong CD, Wrong Look, Wrong brain cells Janet: Wrong Concert (stop rehashing and be innovative w/o ur great gay ex-husband), Wrong singles…Son o*****un – F L O P P E D Mandy Moore – Girl, leave it alone..just act.

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