Madonna Goes American Chic With New Album

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Pop Empress may be the world’s biggest musical Icon but her last two albums have charted un-Madonna like in her home country of America. Unlike the rest of the world, America has shunned one of their own over her political views and her vast support of the homosexual community. In the past few years not only has Madonna been banned by US programmers but petitions by many groups like the AFA have been circulating because of Madonna’s support over gay and minority rights. Madonna was the 1st major celebrity to openly support the push for equal rights for gays and lesbians; she has funded millions of her own dollars into AIDS/HIV charities since 1982. She has also taken heat for her support of the black and Hispanic communities over the years with videos like “Like A Prayer” which was a personal stance against racism. Madonna unlike most other artists has embraced minorities and other cultures in just about every aspect of her career through her videos, tours, and books even down to her hiring practices. In 2005 she returned to her dance roots with “Confessions On A Dance Floor” the album to date has spawned 4 global hit singles with only 1 reaching the American top 10 on Billboards Hot 100,to date the album has sold over 1.6 million copies in the US and around 12.5 million globally. The album also made the history books by holding the pole position in over 43 countries as did the lead off single “Hung Up” with around 40 countries.

In 2007 she is looking to reverse her sliding American fortunes by working with some of the industries top produces like Timbaland, Swizz Beatz and Pharrell to give us a more American R&B sound and is rumored to be her most expensive album to date. One thing is for sure no one can count out since 1982 she has sold an astonishing 350 million albums and is the world’s most successful female vocalist of the entire rock era. Since 2000 she has had an amazing 8 #1 singles on the United World Chart, far more than any other artist period. She also held the #1 position on the global singles chart for a record 22 weeks straight with the first two singles from her latest album. Her recent tour made the record books by becoming the highest grossing tour ever for a female vocalist.

For the past 24 years has continued to justify our love like no one else can and if anyone can transcend a boycott by US radio programmers and global censorship it’s Madonna. So America if you’re listening your “Queen” the one you forsaken, is about to deliver up on to you what you have been begging her for… Americanized Madonna music. Now let’s hope the rest of the world continues to dance to her beat because she is taking a huge risk to satisfy Americans when 75% of her recent sales have been international.

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