Madonna Manager Fired Over Kabbalah

Madonna 'You Can Dance'

The Sun reports that sacked her longtime manager Caresse Henry because she was having an affair with the Material Girl’s personal bouncer, which was not in accordance with Kabbalah, which preaches faithfulness. “Madonna and Guy are deeply committed to their Kabbalah faith which preaches monogamy and faithfulness,” a source revealed. “When she found out her manager was having an affair with her own bodyguard she was devastated.”

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3 thoughts on “Madonna Manager Fired Over Kabbalah

  1. JLOVER101 says:

    If this is true, she really need not condemn anyone when she was once quite the promiscuous one herself. However, I really think this is a bit stretched. Guy is not that committed to Kabbalah, that crazy woman is.

  2. Clara106 says:

    this is such a lie. Madonna’s former manager and Madonna have both said that the split was mutual. there were no heard feelings on either side. besides, the sun always reports lies. they said that Britney would be spending her honeymoon with Madonna, and that they were also going on tour together. they are always spreading lies and rumors about her. they can’t even get her age right in some of their articles. anyways, I don’t see how Madonna’s interest in Kabbalah makers her “craz”. when she first got started with it, people said that she wasn’t truly Kabbalist because of some of the things she did and now they are saying that she is too obsessed with it. I don’t think anything she does will be enough for some people. also, she may not have the best track record when it comes men but, whats so wrong with settling down and valuing monogamy? I guess nobody is allowed to grow and learn and become better through time.

    Madonna isn’t “obsessed” with Kabbalah. it is a religious teaching that she credits with helping her become a better person. she has said many times that she was a greedy, and materialistic person before finding Kabbalah and that now she only values her family, and tries to help others whenever she can. I don’t see how that is a bad thing. if she was a practicing christian, or catholic, then no one will have a problem with it but, since its a religion that isn’t completely accepted, everyone has to look down on her, and call her “obsessed”. its not like she is a satanist, or makes human sacrifices, or something crazy like that. then again, some people will complain about anything Madonna does, whether it is valid or not.

  3. SweetLikeChocolate says:

    Wasn’t there a similar story a few months ago and they both denied it? And anyways, should this be true, her manager’s sex life is none of Madonna’s damn business.

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