Madonna Needed DNA Test For Lourdes’ Pop

Another revelation from the Madonna biography from Barbara Victor’s newly released tome, Goddess is the allegation that Madonna kept so many lovers before she became pregnant with Lourdes she insisted that both her daughter and then boyfriend Carlos Leon take DNA tests. Madonna’s rep Liz Rosenberg denied the charges saying, “There was never an issue that Carlos was the father.”

GHV2 Mixers Thunderpuss Talk Madonna Opp

November 29, 2001 – talked with remix/production team of Barry Harris and Chris Cox, collectively known as Thunderpuss about their prize role of remixing Madonna’s Greatest Hits, Volume 2 as Cox explained, “They approached actually a couple of different remix entities to take a stab at doing a megamix, and it was kind of a cattle call, actually. They basically liked ours the best and so they put it out.”

PETA Targets Madonna After Shooting Birds Comments

November 28, 2001 – IMDB reports The People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals are outraged at recent comments by Madonna who has admitted to liking the sport of shooting birds and eating them on her estate. Dan Matthews, Head of Campaigns for the American arm of PETA blasted, “Obviously Madonna’s fascination with yoga, inner peace and spirituality was just another in a long line of insincere poses. And she’s certainly not winning any new friends in England, the cradle of animal activism. She said she went there in hopes people might ‘leave her alone.’ If she keeps this up there could be protestors at her and Mr. Madonna’s hunting estate.”

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