Madonna: Number One Pop Charting Artist has Madonna ranking at #1 as the top pop charting artist. The top ten are as follows:

#1. Madonna
#4. Whitney Houston
#5. Prince
#6. Michael Jackson
#7. Elton John
#8. Daryl Hall & John Oates
#9. Billy Joal

You can see the full list here.

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4 thoughts on “Madonna: Number One Pop Charting Artist

  1. popfan_23 says:

    They are all living legends. It’s better to be a has been than a never was’, ‘They are the people with some of the greatest songs ever written and sung, songs that speak to your heart and soul, not just make you shake your ass, although some of these make you do that to, I’d be damn proud to grace this list, and umm Celine, Christina, Usher (though I’m not at all fond of him), Mary J. Blige (even though her last CD was crap), Pink (same goes for her last cd), Nelly, Destiny’s Child, R. Kelly, J.Lo (though she isn’t much of a singer, well ok she has a few catchy tunes I’ll give her that), Sheryl, and Alanis are not has beens, they are still cranking out top 10 hits.

  2. Potrzebie says:

    “That top 10 is comprised of nothing more than a bunch of has-beens. I wouldn’t be proud of topping that list.” Great. By that logic, Ciara and Clay Aiken have more to be proud of than the Beatles, Elvis Presley or Frank Sinatra. I don’t think so.

    Actually the ranking is evidently based on the ARC weekly rankings, whatever that is, rather than on the Billboard Hot 100. It’s no coincidence, though, that Dec 22, 1984 both ARC and Bilboard both had “Like a Virgin” at #1, and anybody who took an objective look at any U.S. popular music chart over the last 25 years would have to conclude that Madonna’s had among the most of anybody. Now possibly the person who said “It’s all made up!” meant that to be interpreted as “the list is based on giving arbitrary weight to various chart position statistics, and if you change the weight assigned to any category you’d have a slightly different list. If Prince is ahead of Michael Jackson it must be because the number of top 40 hits is weighted strongly, because that’s the only category where Prince is ahead of Michael Jackson. If you thought number of Top 5 hits was more significant than number of Top 40 you’d rank Prince under Michael.” But actually I don’t think that’s what they really meant.

  3. Treggie250 says:

    THIS LIST IS ABSOLUTE CRAP. IT’S ALL MADE UP! Mariah Carey holds the record for the most number ones and she’s had 15 not 17, and Madonna and Janet have had even less! Mariah has also spent longer at number one than 61 weeks let alone 57! and this information is from billboard charts, which is the official, Mariah is the number one selling female artist of all time and has the most number ones of any other female artist so its all crap! like it or not its official and this chart is absolute made up crap and shouldn’t be allowed on the net!

  4. ohohmelioh says:

    Madonna is the best. she sold OVER 250 MILLION albums worldwide. Don’t believe, then you don’t. like I would really care what you believe or not. the truth is that this is a fact and she will always be the best selling artist of history. i read new numbers from sales where Madonna was A LOT more in front than the other artist, and she was number 1.. don’t remember it will though. another proof that Madonna is the number one of all time!

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