Madonna Performs In Anaheim

performed onstage during her ‘Re-Invention’ World Tour 2004 at the Arrowhead Pond on Wednesday (June 2) in Anaheim, California. Check out pictures from GettyImages and WireImage.

And Guy Celebrate With Champagne Dinner

June 3, 2004 – looked a tad worse for wear as she left a posh restaurant in Los Angeles on the arm of hubby Guy Ritchie. The couple had been celebrating the start of Madge’s Re-Invention world tour with a glass(es) of champagne. Check out pictures from TheSun.

Madonna Fines Tour Crew For Cursing

June 3, 2004 – The New York Post reports Madonna has implemented a “cursing fine” on everyone in her ‘re-Invention’ tour, including dancers and roadies. An insider revealed, “Every time someone curses, they have to pay a fine.” The singer’s rep Liz Rosenberg confirmed the arrangement explaining, “That is correct – and by the way, she has paid plenty [herself]. I think it is $5 a curse word.” A few weeks ago, Madonna shrieked to her dancers: “Get it right or get the fu** out!” – just before she donated to the cursing can.

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10 thoughts on “Madonna Performs In Anaheim

  1. ihateoreilly says:

    This is my third Madonna performance in more than a week. Despite this being a more conservative crowd (I heard the word “*****got” muttered more than once), Madonna had everyone on their feet. I saw teenagers, grandmas, soccer moms, and just about everybody else there. Madonna’s voice is amazing…she really belted out “Deeper and Deeper” as well as “Crazy For You.” Madonna sold a total of 85,000 tickets for her Southern California shows….yup, she’s over with.

  2. weebongo says:

    I bet it was worth every cent, M is one of the greatest live performers of our time

    In Billboard mag they said 920,000 people will be seeing M’s show and she will almost certainly have the top grossing tour of the year. Over 20 years and she’s still the biggest solo artist in music.

  3. Rosi says:

    To each his own, but to see the SAME show 3 times for such a hefty price seems much.

  4. galleta says:

    Madonna is a good entertainer no one disputes that she’s just not a good singer there is a difference, and since more people care about being dazzled and not quality of course she will attract attention, also most of her fans are old and reliving their youth like my parents are huge Madonna fans but not so much for her latest work but more because they were fans of hers when they were young and they like most in their age group are reliving their youth lol but its ok they need their music also.

  5. MissBeehaven says:

    Well I am under 25, and I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s when Madonna was really huge and I am still a major fan. I love how she carries herself now and I can see the growth in Madge. She does not have anything to prove as far as I am concerned…I just want to see her ROCK!

  6. weebongo says:

    All the reviews I’ve read have given M very high praise for her singing’, ‘Most of Madonna’s fans are younger. All the people I know that are going to see her are in their teens or 20’s. During her last tour the average age for the show I saw was somewhere in the 20’s. There isn’t going to be that big a change in the audience age from this tour to her last one which was only 3 years ago.

  7. aligia says:

    What makes her big? The woman is ‘living off’ her old glory by soccer mums’, ‘reliving their youth and a very young crowd 13-15 who lack strong, female models in music.We keep praising Madonna for being strong 20 years after yet we overlook the yearlong, under-promotion of younger,rockier , female stars by the music industry. She is very strong and still popular until now cause the music industry doesn’t need pop females of her character as they needed 20 years ago. Madonna was over-promoted when she started her career by labels cause she helped media companies to ‘marry’ TV with music.

  8. EyezCold says:

    she needs Davennci veneers for her open gaps in her mouth. She is the worst singer in the world and I think she just turned 50! Yes people Madonna’s true age is 50!

  9. ihateoreilly says:

    Galleta….what you said might have made sense 5 years ago, but Madonna can now belt out a tune. She’s still no Streisand, but her voice is the major highlight of the show now, not all the stage imagery. Even if she is living off her old fame…so what. Bruce Springsteen, The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, and many other artists do that as well.

    Despite the hype, not ALL tickets are $300. Just the most expensive ones. There are many in the $150 or even $45 dollar range, but the media is keeping that a secret cause they want Madonna to be greedy. Still, I would NOT pay $300 to see anybody in concert more than once. I did pay that much for the first night, but that was because it was front row center. For my shows in Vegas and Anaheim, I bought the cheap tickets, but snuck by security and sat right beside the stage since there were some seats people didn’t claim.

    Last night’s show was just about to full capacity (18,000 seats). Keep in mind, that was Madonna’s 5th Show in the Southern California area, all others which were completely sold out. A news reporter in Orange County was talking about the fact that when Cher or Beyonce came to town, they couldn’t fill the whole venue and people were leaving before the end of the show. For Madonna, most people stayed.

  10. maryfingsunshine says:

    So my friend went to that show the other night! She paid for the ticket with her credit card it wasn’t too much money though (she bought it at the box office that night) . She thought the show was so horrible when she gets her bill, she’s gonna dispute the charge so she doesn’t have to pay for the ticket! She said the whole show was mimed and Haggy still sounded like crap! My friend was in utter shock because even though the whole show was mimed, almost every song was off key and she missed all the notes! My firend said, “I mean if it were live it would be one thing, but how horrible of a singer do you have to be to miss notes pre-recording vocals for your live show”? She said the “dancing” was horrid and the audience response for the show itself was just about hers! She said the crowd went crazy, but it was more because they were star struck than because she gave a good show! Well, I guess her fans incessant whines of “she’s the best live performer ever” doesn’t ring true (but we all knew that already)! First off, because it wasn’t live and second because she just doesn’t put on a good show!

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