Madonna Performs Karate In New Video

Ananova reports Madonna’s new video for ‘Die Another Day’, the title track from the next Bond film, will show the singer engaged in karate. “It’s a classic James Bond-ian scenario – a classic struggle of good versus evil,” the spokesman said. The video premieres later this month.

Dirty Vegas Remixing ‘Die Another Day’

October 6, 2002 – Norm Clarke of the Las Vegas Review Journal reports Dirty Vegas has remixed Madonna’s theme song for the new James Bond film, ‘Die Another Day.’

Says Money Isn’t Everything

October 6, 2002 – The New York Post reports that tells Larry King, in an interview that will air Thursday on CNN, that while she appreciates money, she sees its place among other worldly belongings and pleasures. “Money is like everything. Money is like sex. It’s like food. They’re all manifestations of God. They’re blessings that we get, but they’re not what’s going to make us happy,” she said. “They’re not real. They don’t last. There’s only one thing that lasts, and that’s your soul. And if you don’t work on that, and you don’t pay attention to that, then all the money in the world is not going to help you.”

No Longer Bothered By Critics

October 4, 2002 – Access Hollywood chatted with Madonna about her new film ‘Swept Away’, and how she feels over criticism on her acting ability. Asked if it bothered her, Madonna responded, “It used to, but now, I’m like, ‘OK, thank you, whatever.'” Asked if she wants more kids, Madonna said, “I would actually, yeah. I don’t know if it is going to happen but I have thought about it.” Video has since been removed.

Adriano Giannini Comments On ‘Swept Away’ Role

October 1, 2002 – Adriano Giannini spoke with the Sunday Mirror of London about his role as Madonna’s love interest in ‘Swept Away’. Giannini says the love scenes weren’t exactly a fun experience. “I was there pretending to make love to a woman whose music I grew up with as a kid,” he said, “and all the time the guy telling me and her what to do to each other is standing a couple of meters away. And he just happens to be her husband. It was all extremely surreal.”

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