Madonna Researching New Hebrew Name For Guy

With changing her name to the Hebrew name of Esther, the Kabbalah devotee has been researching religious names for hubby Guy Ritchie too, even trying a couple out recently. “Madonna wants Guy to convert religiously as much as she has,” a source revealed. “Otherwise, it doesn’t make sense if she’s fully involved and her family isn’t.” Guy’s ok with a new name, as long as it sounds masculine, according to the source.

Betrayed By Fellow Kabbalahists

June 30, 2004 – The Sun reports is furious after front-row seats reserved for fellow Kabbalah members are showing up for sale on the internet. “Madonna was gutted when she found out,” a friend revealed. “The religion has basically taken over her life. She lets it control everything, from what kind of water she drinks, to how she brings her kids up. She thinks of fellow followers as her extended family. She thought her gesture would be really appreciated. She wanted to be able to see followers as she performed.” Read more.

Madonna Wraps Up ‘Broadway-Themed’ Album

June 26, 2004 – Star magazine reports that Madonna has just finished recording a “Broadway-sounding” album that an insider says will be tied to the movie version of ‘Hello Suckers’, a movie that she would like to star in.

Madonna To Visit Israel

June 25, 2004 – Madonna has decided to visit holy places in Israel in October with a group of more than 100 students who share her interest in Jewish mysticism, according to the Israeli newspaper Maariv. The paper said the superstar will stay in an out-of-the-way guest house and avoid fans and TV cameras.

Reinvented: Madonna’s ‘Hebrew’ Not Her Act

June 25, 2004 – Roger Friedman of was on hand for Madonna’s last gig at Madison Square Garden in New York City on Wednesday night, and while not impressed with her “superficial interest in Judaism” with frequent Kabbalah references and her “catalog of post-1990 electronic junk songs”, Friedman appreciated the veteran singer’s effort. “She doesn’t move as quickly as she used to, but she’s a lot faster than any other 46-year-old,” he said. “She is also singing, for better or worse, live and without any evident lip-synching. On that score, and just for her drive alone, she still outdoes every one of the girls who are half her age. And for that she gets a standing ovation.” The full story at has since been removed.

Madonna Wants Tour Documentary To Premiere At Cannes

June 23, 2004 – Contributed by StilettoSadist: MTV News reports that Madonna hopes to have her next feature-length documentary ready to debut at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival. A sequel of sorts to ‘Truth or Dare,’ the film chronicles her current Reinvention Tour among other things and is directed by Jonas Akerlund. His crew said that the hardest part is keeping up with the Material Mom, who seems to have endless amounts of energy to dance, do yoga and run.

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5 thoughts on “Madonna Researching New Hebrew Name For Guy

  1. kidcreole says:

    I hope she gets her wish. This one promises to be an even bigger flop than swept away. A show of hands….. who wants to see an aging, narcissistic pop cow preach about her religious sect!? Sure. They’ll be cued up for blocks to get in to see that.

  2. ihateoreilly says:

    the media is more obsessed with Madonna and the Kaballah than Madonna is with the Kaballah. They are making up ***** left and right. I don’t think they are doing it out of negativity…I guess the news is just too boring lately. Like the Esther thing..Madonna made it clear, on 20/20 that this was just a Hebrew name and that she still goes by her regular name.

  3. weebongo says:

    Madonna has really turned Kabbalah into a news sensation. Now because of her everyone in the US has heard of Kabbalah. And all Madonna has been doing is going to and from the centers being snapped by persistent photographers. This just proves the world continues to be obsessed with everything Madonna does.

  4. JLOVER101 says:

    Oh please, obsessed? It’s more like oversaturation. Liz probably calls everyone and’, ‘says “Madge is going to the Kabbalah center on 57th st today at 3:35 pm” and so everyone goes there to snap her shot. If America is following in her footsteps just because of who she is then that has a lot to say for what a stupid country we live in.

  5. weebongo says:

    Whenever the press knows Madonna is in town they probably send photographers to all the Kabbalah centers hoping that she will show up so they can get their shots of her. It seems like every time Madonna goes to these places she is always getting photographed by lots of media.

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