Madonna Says Sex In Forties Is ‘Better Than Ever’

Madonna has quashed rumors her marriage was in trouble and declared that sex in her forties was “better than ever”. She tells People magazine, “I’m a very passionate person, and when you really love someone, the sex and love is going to be great.”

‘American Life’? You Won’t Exactly Be Swept Away

April 17, 2003 – Jeff Giles of Newsweek says of Madonna’s ‘American Life’ album: “There will be people who cringe and die a little inside when they hear Madonna rapping on her new CD, but that seems so cold and curmudgeonly-and, hey, at least she isn’t singing.”

American Life Has Been ‘Leaked’

April 17, 2003 – Contributed by MissE119: Madonna’s new album, ‘American Life,’ has been ‘Leaked’ by People can listen to every song on the album, due April 22nd. While listening to the songs, Madonna can be heard talking.

Lillix’s Lee Says Meeting Madonna Was ‘Amazing’

April 17, 2003 – Blender magazine featured Lillix as their Next Big Thing in their May issue where they talked about signing on with Maverick Records. “Ohmigod, Madonna is so amazing,” Lacey Lee says, beaming. “We met her at Maverick’s offices in Los Angeles. We walked in, and there she was strumming on Tasha’s guitar. We sang for her, then sat around talking about school.”

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