Madonna Searches Continue Strong In July

Searches for continued strong in July on pay-per search engine The singer got 257,474 searches for the month, a number unmatched by any celebrity her age. No doubt the searches were boosted by nude photos of her taken in her younger days, as well as her ‘SEX’ book which came out in 1992. The most common misspelled search was Madanna with 417 queries. The Material Girl’s most frequent song searches were ‘Like A Prayer’ with 433 queries and ‘Crazy For You’ with 300.

If ‘Swept Away’ Bombs, Don’t Look For UK Release

September 1, 2002 – The Sunday People reports Sony Pictures will not release and Guy Ritchie’s new film ‘Swept Away’ if it bombs in the U.S. Its release has been delayed twice in the UK, now slated for release next March. The film comes out next month in America.

Why Madonna & Guy Ritchie Remake ‘Swept Away’

August 27, 2002 – Jane magazine spoke with Guy Ritchie on what prompted him and wife to remake the 1974 Italian romance ‘Swept Away’. “Madonna saw the original version of Swept Away first, like 20 years ago,” Ritchie said. “And then we made the BMW commercial. Someone saw that and said, ‘Oh this reminds me of Swept Away.’ So one night a friend played it and I wasn’t paying much attention. And then I got hooked the second they got in the dinghy and the engine broke down. I could see what was going to happen.”

“By the time the film had finished, I said, ‘Someone’s got to remake this movie.’ I liked the edge of it. The passion,” Ritchie said. “And Madonna said, ‘Why don’t you remake it?’ I said, ‘Well, why don’t you be in it?’ She went, ‘All right,’ and that was that.”

Madonna Does Dance For Guy Ritchie

August 24, 2002 – Madonna does a little dance on the beach for husband Guy Ritchie during the filming of ‘Swept Away’ in an interview for the October issue of Jane magazine. Guy and the Material Girl say that they have been talking about having another child together but that they would not discuss the details with the press.

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