Madonna Shows Vogue Her Reinvented Side

tells Vogue she’s different from the sexed-up star featured in 1991’s ‘Madonna: Truth or Dare’. In some ways, that film is hard for her to watch, she admitted. “I was a very selfish person. You go through periods of your life where the world does revolve around you, but you can’t live your whole life that way,” the Material Girl said. “On the other hand, I kind of admire my spunk and directness!”

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5 thoughts on “Madonna Shows Vogue Her Reinvented Side

  1. Clara106 says:

    It’s good the see Madonna admit that she wasn’t always the greatest person. I, personally, didn’t start being a fan of her’s until she released “ray of light”, and I was never a fan of “truth or dare”, or really any of her movies. I do have alot of respect for how much she has grown as a person and what she has done with her career. she started out with nothing and has become the most successful woman on the planet. it would be easy for her to become conceited and egocentric but, she got over that and seems to be in a happy place. she has a family now to help ground her and keep her from being the selfish person she was. she may not be as successful commercially as she was in the 80’s an early 90’s but, to me she is still a huge success and a respectable person. this interview shows that Madonna doesn’t need crazy publicity stunts and controversy to get her on the cover of a magazine anymore. she is beyond that. the general public may want to look the other way and think she is being “boring” but, she likes herself now and thats a great thing.

  2. Hunglo says:

    From Pop Superstar to crotchy old cult member..

  3. galleta says:


  4. jazzprofounder says:

    Well I wouldn’t call it “re-invention” (that term is so old now lol), its called growing up. Of course she’s not going to be the same person at 40-something years old as she was when she was in her 20’s. I am glad that she has become the woman and artist she is.

  5. EdwardAlex says:

    I love that picture of Madge outside her absolutely beautiful estate in England. She looks very elegant. I think they re overusing the word reinvention…. they use it all the time for her and like jazzy said its not in the right context either… she has just grown up to be a responsible, caring, sophisticated individual, far away from her rebel without a cause days.

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