Madonna Sued For Copyright-Infringement

Madonna 'Bedtime Stories'

The New York Daily News reports is being sued by the son of the late French fashion photographer Guy Bourdin for copyright-infringement, accusing the singer of swiping images from the erotically charged work Bourdin in her ‘Hollywood’ video. “An overwhelming number of all of the scenes in the ‘Hollywood’ video are overtly and substantially derived from the Bourdin works,” the lawsuit says. The video’s director, Jean-Baptiste Mondino, and Madonna’s record company, Warner Bros., also are named in the lawsuit.

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2 thoughts on “Madonna Sued For Copyright-Infringement

  1. Tig says:

    If you do your research, Madonna’s videos are themes, from Pictures she’s seen, Artwork, movies, or an icon she’s envisioned. Her videos are never original. She will tell you that vogue was a serious of pictures from a book of artwork/photos. Janet Jackson’s Everytime video was formed from that underwater art book. These people don’t do it to steal from someone’s art, but to pay tribute to it. Madonna has never been known to be original. She adopts personalities and hair colors like people change boxers.

  2. tena says:

    And Mariah Carey has had 3 out of court settlements for plagiarism, has been known to use large samples to form her songs-fantasy, etc, as well as other lawsuits she got away with. So, how original is that?

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