Madonna: ‘The Beast Is The Modern World That We Live In’

According to the Drudge Report, in ’s new documentary ‘I’m Going To Tell You A Secret’, which will premiere at the Ziegfeld Theater in New York City on Tuesday, the Material Girl warns how people “are going to go to hell, if they don’t turn from their wicked behavior.” And after declaring that “most priests are gay”, the Kabbalah devotee explained, “I refer to an entity called ‘The Beast’. I feel I am describing the world that we live in right now. To me ‘The Beast’ is the modern world that we live in.”

Madonna: North America Nationwide Live Interview

October 15, 2005 – Contributed Anonymously: Madonna’s single will be released to the airwaves with a live interview from California. The interview will be broadcast live in North America (9:00am PST) with Ryan Seacrest. Madonna will do a candid 10 minute interview then carry through to playing the song for the first time on North American air waves.

Madonna’s Parenting Secrets

October 13, 2005 – In an interview with Harpers & Queen magazine, Guy Ritchie’s wife Madonna says she has banned television and punishes her daughter’s messiness by confiscating her clothes. “I’m a disciplinarian. Guy’s the spoiler,” she said. “When Daddy gets home, they’re going to get chocolate. I’m more practical; I worry about their teeth and make sure they’re getting their schoolwork done. I’m very schedlotuled, I make lists.”

Madonna To Perform At Roxy

October 13, 2005 – Marc S. Malkin reports on his the Inside Track column that Madonna will be performing at New York City’s Roxy during its gay night on October 22nd. Meanwhile, the Material Girl has enlisted her wedding party deejay, Tracy Young, to remix her first single, ‘Hung Up’.

Madonna Themed iPod Rumored

October 12, 2005 – The New York Post reports Apple plans to unveil a new Madonna version of its razor-thin iPod nano music player today in San Jose, California, according to industry insiders. The player would be pink and loaded with songs from the Material Girl.

Madonna In Trouble With Jewish Rabbis

October 11, 2005 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Monday night, “Madonna is now in trouble with Jewish rabbis for using the name of the founder of the Kabbalah in one of her songs. They say their leader’s name should only be used in a place where no one will profit. You know, like a Madonna movie.”

Madonna Is Back In The Saddle

October 9, 2005 – Just two months after her horse riding accident, The Sunday Mirror reports that Madonna is back in the saddle with the help of Olympic horseman William Fox-Pitt. “Madonna is taking it one step at a time following her accident,” a source told the tabloid. “But she has always been very ambitious when she has her heart set on something. Following her accident, she’s decided to get some extra help from William Fox-Pitt as he’s one of the best riders and trainers in the country.”

Some Rabbis Criticize New Madonna Song

October 9, 2005 – ‘Isaac’, a song on Madonna’s upcoming album dedicated to a Kabbalist rabbi, is drawing criticism from other rabbis, the Israeli Maariv daily reported Sunday. “Jewish law forbids the use of the name of the holy rabbi for profit. Her act is just simply unacceptable and I can only sympathize for her because of the punishment that she is going to receive from the heavens,” Rabbi Rafael Cohen complained.

Madonna Turns Down The Queen

October 7, 2005 – Liz Rosenberg is touting her client Madonna’s new album to The New York Daily News. “People who have heard [‘Confessions On A Dance Floor’] put it on the level of her ‘Like a Prayer’ and ‘Ray of Light’ albums,” Rosenberg said. Meanwhile, don’t look for the Material Girl to perform for Queen Elizabeth at her Royal Variety Show next month. She said in response to an offer to join the lineup: “Too old-fashioned.”

Madonna Leaving London Gym With Golfrapp CD

October 7, 2005 – Madonna was photographed leaving her gym in London the other day as she continues her recovery from her riding accident. The Material Girl was clutching a copy of Goldfrapp’s latest CD ‘Supernature’.

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One thought on “Madonna: ‘The Beast Is The Modern World That We Live In’

  1. jeepgrrl says:

    If she really made these comments, I’m astounded. Because she played such a key role in two trends that significantly contributed to the further decline of pop culture: 1) exploiting sex for the sake of getting attention, and 2) Making narcissistic self-absorption a marketable commodity. As Joni Mitchell said of Madonna: “She has knocked the importance of having talent out of the arena.”

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