Madonna Tours For The Money

After Jim Farber of the New York Daily News asked why Madonna tours so often, Roger Friedman of responded by saying, “It’s the money, honey.” Friedman said Madonna, who like Barbra Streisand doesn’t receive publishing royalties for her hits because she didn’t write them, forcing the singer to tour to make money in lieu of declining record sales. He writes, “You can put Cher and Celine Dion in this category, too. Only Mariah Carey was smart enough to make sure her name was on every hit she ever warbled.” Read more.

Madge To Steam Up MSG – By Lowering AC

June 29, 2006 – Jim Farber of the New York Daily News previewed Madonna’s several shows at Madison Square Garden and advised fans to dress for the gig which won’t have air conditioning. “Madonna has launched three giant road shows in just this decade, which means she may be going to the idea well too often,” he writes. “No wonder her latest foray only rarely manages to be as hot as the venue.”

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2 thoughts on “Madonna Tours For The Money

  1. samiart says:

    What complete and utter crap!!! Madonna didn’t write a few of her hits yes but the majority of her songs were co-written by her. This is another attempt by Fox to demean Madonna again, they obviously have a hard time accepting the fact she is still here. As for the ‘she doesn’t receive publishing royalties’ WHAT PLANET IS HE FROM!!!!! If I made a list of all her back catalog I think our Mr Friedman would be *****ting his pants after that absurd analysis about Madonna not being on any of the song publishing royalties. Stupid ass

  2. malik says:

    I do agree Madonna tours for the money, Its where anyone in the industry makes money these days.
    i don’t agree with Madonna not writing her songs, she has written or co-written 90% of her songs, why he didn’t notice that I don’t know.

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