Madonna Turns To Less Harsh Botox Alternative

The Mirror reports that has now turned to Beautytox in an effort to look younger. Friends say she’s been splashing out $580 a time on the treatment, which fills out lines and wrinkles but is not as harsh as Botox. “Madonna’s never openly admitted to using Botox,” one insider said. “And she probably won’t admit to having this done, but she’s got nothing to be ashamed of. Her looks are mainly down to good genes, dancing, exercising, running around after the family and a healthy diet.”

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11 thoughts on “Madonna Turns To Less Harsh Botox Alternative

  1. weebongo says:

    Madonna gets Botox injections in her Hollywood video so if she didn’t want people to know about it she wouldn’t of drawn their attention to it by putting that in the video. It’s only Botox anyway not like Mariah who still will not admit to having her obvious boob job. Mariah’s so lame everyone knows she had it done but she is to embarrassed to confess it.

  2. Tig says:

    Yes, I think Madonna has had Botox and other things too. but, when you see her without her 10 tons of make-up she looks a mess. Horrible. But when she does shows, she’s full of something. Mariah? Who cares.. 95% of Hollywood has had their tit’s lifted, tucked, sucked, Mariah is the BIGGEST SELLING FEMALE IN HISTORY…I’m glad people keep hating on her, because, it’ keeps her name out there. So Hate on. Now, Madonna, I NEVER thought I’d say this, SHE IS WASHED UP, did American Life sell 2 copies? Probably Lourdes and Rocco brought those too.

  3. right_wing says:

    call me crazy but why can’t people just have wrinkles? It’s not like she’s the only person in the world to get them and besides we spend half of our lives trying to look as good as we can why should we have to get bloody injections in our face to stop wrinkles when guys just keep them. We do enough to impress guys already!

  4. weebongo says:

    I don’t know why you can’t understand this but MADONNA IS THE BEST SELLING FEMALE ARTIST EVER. Mariah has not sold even close to the number that Madonna has worldwide. Madonna has sold around 200 million albums. This is from Yahoo news for proof of her album sales. The pop diva, who has sold close to 200 million albums in a career spanning 20 years, said she would donate all profits from the sale of the books to children’s causes. Their you have it. Here’s the link. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Tig says:

    We We Bango or whatever, let’s be real, Madonna is done, I know you want to dress up like her, and be a cross-dresser at 50 years old. But, according to the Guinness Book of Records tally…Mariah Carey is the Biggest Selling Female in History, Madonna is number 3, and Barbara Streisand is number 2. Madonna is known as a performer, with a less than thrilling voice. She will never have the critical acclaim and acceptance that Mariah has. All Mariah has to do is open her wide mouth and hit that high whistle Tone, and she gets a standing ovation, whereas, Madonna has to tongue-kiss the Worlds sweetheart-Britney to get attention. She’s shameful and it’s getting old. Mariah has another 10 years before she’s washed up. Janet had her so-so record, Celine has hers, Madonna had the so-so “Dick Tracey soundtrack flop and Mariah has Glitter. Stop sweating Mariah.

  6. weebongo says:

    Again Madonna has sold 200 million albums worldwide. Do you need to read the yahoo article again. How much of a dumb as$ are you. Mariah has sold nowhere near that. Mariah is washed up and has been ever since Glitter. All of her latest singles have been huge flops not even making it on the Billboard charts. Mariah can’t even perform in arenas while Madonna sold out every arena show on her last world tour. Mariah is forced to perform in little theaters. No one wants to see Mariah anymore she is a has-been and will never get her career back. Madonna on the other hand is doing tons of different projects from commercials to writing books, producing movies and so on. Madonna will stay around for as long as she wants to. Actually the Dick Tracey soundtrack was a hug hit. Vogue was on that which is one of her biggest singles ever. How could you compare the mega bomb Glitter to the box office hit Dick Tracy.

  7. Tig says:

    Look Hoes, ok, ok, I’ll bite, by the way during that Like a Virgin Concert did Madonna need a cane to walk down those steps and was that stomach looking a bit cow-like. Her hair has thinned out..I think It’s a Wrap for that Hag, What happen to the sexy “love don’t live here anymore”, or “Forbidden Love Madonna”. She releases the horrible American Life, which disappears from the Top 200 in 1 month. At least Mariah’s CB sold 1.5 million copies, and Madonna is at what $500,000 with 2 flop singles. They all washed up. BUT, Mariah can still sing and According to Guinness Book – Madonna has sold in lieu of 144 million records world-wide. I do like Madonna’s older work, but she’s a boring housewife now. She should have been charged With Rapping Christina and Britney. She’s a Wrap

    The sad thing is I met Mariah and she was the nicest person, and she has to deal with butt-holes like you, hating on her. Amazing, how cruel and evil you people are. How do you live with yourself. I can imagine how you are at home, at least this site gives you boring losers a place to vent.

  8. weebongo says:

    We could say the same about you venting on Madonna calling her childish names. Do you realize what a hypocritical piece of sh** you are. Bombracelet had NO hit singles. American Life had 2. American Life the song got to #37 and Die Another Day got to #8 on the Billboard Charts. How far did the flop singles for Bombracelet get on Billboard. They didn’t even make it on the Hot 100 charts. Bombracelet did not sell 1.5 mil. Every stupid lamb here has a different number for how much it sold. None of you have any proof it sold over 1 million. Stop hating on Madonna cause she’s everywhere, has sold 200 million albums and poor hag Mariah is left with the rest of the 80’s has-beens. We’ll soon be seeing Tiffany, Debbie Gibson and Mariah on a has-been bar tour.

  9. Tig says:

    American Life according to Bilboard, SoundScan is a F L O P. It is the worst selling CD of Madonna’s Career and the 1st one to disappear from the Top 200 in less than 60 days. Madonna is done, Finally. Now Britney is the New Madonna, Or is it Pink, or is it Christina, ,,the world no longer needs Madonna, they have all these other girls. And Mariah’s worth is $150 million dollars, so trust me, she’s laughing at your loser ass all the way to the bank. So while you sit at your computer and hate on Mariah, she’s counting cash, and I’m sure Madonna, would spit in your face and count her 200 million she’s worth. Your a loser who hates. I agree Madonna has done an innovative work, She has learned to sing, She can’t act at all…she’s a horrible actress when she opens her mouth. But she had her time, and now it’s over, Mariah had her time, and now it’s over, now it’s time for the younger crop. Stop hating.

  10. tena says:

    Actually, she is not, and if you have a copy of the 2003 book, you would know that. And although her voice is less than thrilling, she has had both critical acclaim and acceptance. She has won 3 Grammys, lots of Grammy nominations, 2 Oscars for best song, and she has gotten good reviews on her work from the beginning. In fact, Mariah has 2 Grammys, no Oscars for acting or singing, no Golden Globes, etc And she wasn’t particularly liked by critics who constantly stated her lyrics(when she isn’t plagiarizing), are childish, she oversings, despite having a great voice, etc. And Madonna has a lot of stage presence that Mariah will never have. And you forget that Mariah wears slutty outfits on stage. And hitting a whistle note isn’t an example of artistry, it’s showing off. That’s what she is often criticized for.

  11. tena says:

    First of all, Mariah isn’t the best selling female artist. Do a search, she is listed as the best selling of the 90’s. And even Madonna’s last album sank, it doesn’t mean she is washed up. She is an icon. On top of which she has several endorsements. I don’t see Victoria’s secret knocking on Cowriahs door. I don’t see her writing a children’s book that is selling like crazy. And they have been saying she will be washed up for years, and pulls a rabbit out of her hat. She doesn’t have to sell another record in her life, she will always be an icon. Lot’s of artists have albums that flop, like you know who. And what do you think Mariah looks like without make-up? Might explain why she needs to have someone on stage touching her up. And she had a few things done, like her teeth or jaw paid for by Mr. Mottola, sugar daddy extraordinaire.

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