Madonna Video Looks So Like Fashion Pictures

The Sun has sensational pictures filed in court to show pop queen ripped off French photographer Guy Bourdin in the video for her chart hit ‘Hollywood’. Check out the photo evidence here.

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5 thoughts on “Madonna Video Looks So Like Fashion Pictures

  1. Tina31182 says:

    You can obviously see comparisons, but some of the photos also reminded me of Jennifer Lopez’s photos for the recent issue of W magazine, so is he going to sue them too. Art has always been imitated and have similar styles during a period of time. Fact is this is not the first nor the last time something like this will happen and I personally think that this guy is just looking for a payoff.

  2. faust says:

    Madonna is such an unoriginal artist!

  3. weebongo says:

    Madonna has done this before, she has often said how paintings, film and photos inspire her for her videos. She didn’t get sued for doing the Material Girl video. Every great artist is inspired by other great artists. Picasso borrowed heavily from African artwork in his cubist paintings. You could also say he ripped them off. Copyright infringement laws don’t extend that far. If so Madonna should sue everyone that copied her Ray of Light video.

  4. Tig says:

    The only video that Madonna has that is Original is (a) Who’s That Girl (b) Love Don’t Live here anymore (c) Live to Tell, all those other video’s are mirror images of Plays, Books, Art Pictures, Fashion Shows, Movies, etc…she has borrowed on images for the last 24 years…..This is not the 1st time, someone has sued her, it’s happen various times. However, the Hollywood video sucked and flopped, and now she’s finally releasing the RIGHT single…Nothing Fails.

  5. MeAgainstTheMusic says:

    ^^you know a lot. have you been a fan of M for a LONG time? Art is either plagiarized or revolution.. I liked the Hollywood video, but it resembles the pictures too much. I think the photographer has the right to sue her.

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