Madonna Virus Speading Across Internet

Madonna’s official website warned fans on Wednesday that a computer virus is spreading via e-mail attachments which claim to be MP3’s featuring the singer’s music. The files would contain the double extension .mp3.vbs … of course several of these type extensions are being spread all the time, and one should never open an attachment with a double extension, or non at all if you aren’t expecting an attachment.

Madonna Reportedly Unhappy About Nude Paintings

April 9, 2002 – Reuters spoke with Scotland’s leading contemporary artist Peter Howson who soon will unveil his two new oil paintings that depict Madonna in the nude. Howson said, “The reaction from her camp hasn’t been good. I think they’re frightened of what she’ll think.”

Madonna To Interview Britney?

April 9, 2002 – Michael Musto of the Village Voice reports Britney Spears may be interviewed by her pop idol, Madonna, for an upcoming issue of InStyle magazine.

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