Madonna Won’t Flop With Latest Effort

Contributed anonymously:

I notice a lot of people saying this will flop. This is not true, even though I am not a fan. First of all, this is Madonna we are talking about! She has sold more records than probably anybody and has many fans. Although I have read some fans don’t like “Hung Up” because they feel she is selling out to a younger audience, I think I know what she is doing. She is trying to hook a younger audience to be more popular with the younger group. I don’t blame her, it has to be important these days to be able to do that and she wants to keep singing so she probably has to. She is singing club songs, she wants lots of young people to like and listen, then buy. It is happening already from the things I have read about her song. She now wants these young people (since her other fans from way back when must be getting older) to continue to like her then she will so through a cycle with them being big fans and buying her albums. Then after that she will do what is popular music again to try to hook young fans again. Of course she is not the only person to do this; Mariah has kind of down this as well. While I think she is no longer very creative or different, this is how to still be popular, and the best of luck to her in her career!

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