Madonna Won’t Talk To Her Sulking Brother

The New York Post reports Madonna’s brother Christopher Ciccone was seen sulking at the opening of the Ice Bar at the Abbey last Monday in Los Angeles, the same night opened her tour at the Great Western Forum. Chris complained that Madonna “won’t talk to me.” Also at the party was Christina Aguilera.

Madonna’s Tough On Her Dancers

May 28, 2004 – Us Weekly reports that was tough on her dancers in rehearsals for her ‘re-Invention’ tour in Los Angeles. Just after a two-hour “spiritual session” with Kabbalah rabbi Yehuda Berg, the singer was overheard screaming at her dancers: “Get it right or get the fu** out!” An insider who saw the show’s dress rehearsal remarked: “The show was amazing” but it didn’t “stop her from scolding the dancers for the things they did wrong.” The Material Girl is also mixing religion with the tour’s workers. “The tour crew is only allowed to drink Kabbalah water,” the insider revealed. “Many are sporting the red strings.”

Madonna’s Israel Show Terror Threat ‘Totally False’

May 27, 2004 – Madonna’s rep is denying a report in The Sun claiming the pop star had canceled several Re-Invention World Tour dates in Israel due to specific death threats against her and her children. “Totally false,” Liz Rosenberg told The Chicago Sun-Times, saying the decision to skip Tel Aviv dates were due to overall security concerns over the ongoing violence in the Middle East “in general.” She added, “Trust me. There were no threats.” Rosenberg also said the Israeli dates had been considered, but not fully confirmed, so there was no official cancellation.

Is Touring Because She Needs Cash?

May 27, 2004 – Roger Friedman of went into some depth for his column explaining why he believes Madonna is out on tour right now because she needs the money. Friedman cited the fact that most of her big hits were written by others, so royalties for her most popular hits ‘Holiday’, ‘Borderline’, ‘Papa Don’t Preach’, ‘Like a Virgin’, or ‘Material Girl’ don’t go into her pocket, but the writers’. Read more.

Madonna Postpones Los Angeles Concert

May 25, 2004 – A statement posted on Madonna’s website said the singer had to cancel tonight’s concert at The Forum due to stomach flu. Madonna was ordered to rest by her doctor. She will be “back at 100 percent” by Wednesday, when the rescheduled show will take place at the Forum, the statement said.

Madonna Has Changed, And Hopes You Have Too

May 25, 2004 – Denis Ferrara, a Madonna fan for several decades and an astute critic-observer who was in Los Angeles for Sunday’s rehearsal concert for Madonna’s family and friends, and provided a report for Liz Smith of The New York Post. Ferrara writes, “Madonna presents herself as a vital, joyfully relevant and committed artist. She is giving her fans a taste of the past, washed with her refusal to compromise or to condescend. Or even to pretend for the sake of entertainment that she hasn’t changed. She has changed. And she hopes you have, too, or will. In other words, although there are no naked, pregnant dancing girls or ‘plenty of lesbian love,’ as has been erroneously reported, the envelope still gets pushed.”

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One thought on “Madonna Won’t Talk To Her Sulking Brother

  1. aligia says:

    Ok, how many times can she invent her music when her music is all about herself?’, ‘Nothing affects her outside her small universe. Other artists like Public Enemy-Chuck D to name one from the rap genre observe whats happening around them and try to connect their experiences with whats happening in the world.They get affected by it musically and try to make themselves relevant. Madonna is so in love with herself that cann’t see anything beyond her nose and good sales.

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