Madonna’s Character ‘Hoplessly One-Dimensional’

Paul Clinton of CNN reviewed the new Madonna starring, Guy Ritchie directed ‘Swept Away’ saying the film is never great nor horrible, but is brought down by Madonna’s acting. “Madonna’s die-hard fans will be pleased,” he said. “This first major attempt at collaborating with her writer-director husband is neither a rousing success nor a blinding embarrassment. Still, it just sits there like a side dish no one ordered.” That doesn’t mean he was impressed with the Material Girl, saying her “character is hopelessly one-dimensional and has a one-note emotional range.” Read more.

Howard Stern Predicts ‘Swept Away’ To Bomb

October 10, 2002 – Howard Stern said on his radio show this morning that it looks like Madonna’s new movie ‘Swept Away’ is going to be a bomb. Robin agreed because Madonna is in it. Howard said that the movie company is only sending it out to about 96 theaters. Howard said that’s the kiss of death for a movie. He said that the original ‘Swept Away’ was a great movie and all they had to do was update it a bit but they somehow screwed it up. Howard read that there were boos from the audience in the screenings of the movie. Howard said you know that’s bad because those are people the director invites to see it.

Madonna A Frontrunner For Another Razzie

October 10, 2002 – The Razzie’s website says the Madonna starring ‘Swept Away’ is emerging as a frontrunner for their dubious worst movie of the year award. “Since she IS Our Awl-Time Fe-Male Cahmn-Peen, and almost EVERYTHING she’s ever appeared in has gotten her a RAZZIE Nomination, we’re guessing this one will be no exception,” says the website. The Razzie’s are awarded around the same time the year’s best movies are awarded at the Oscars.

Effort To Stop ‘Swept Away’ Release Thwarted

October 10, 2002 – reports actor Vincent D’Onofrio has claimed that the idea to remake ‘Swept Away’ was his, and he has asked a judge to grant a preliminary injunction against the Guy Ritchie directed, Madonna starring film’s release unless he was given a producer credit. The LA judge overseeing the case refused.

Few Screens Available For Stinker ‘Swept Away’

October 9, 2002 – While Sony is releasing Madonna’s new film ‘Swept Away’ to theaters, Roger Friedman of reports the flick is so back, they’re limiting the release to only 196 screens, much less than the 2,000 screen average for a commercial release. A source at Sony says, “This isn’t a platform release either. There are no plans to go wider.” The total screens is actually less than the Mariah Carey film ‘Glitter’. Read more.

Despite Getting ‘Fired’, Beattie Says Madonna’s No Diva

October 8, 2002 – Michael Beattie, who co-starred with Madonna in ‘Swept Away’, tells the Canadian Press that the Material Girl is no diva. “She is definitely focused on what she’s doing, but she was not diva-ish at all,” he said. He recalls his first meeting with the superstar. He introduced himself and shook her hand. “Ow!” she went. “You’re fired!” As Beattie began to slink away, she laughed.

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