Madonna’s Flops Revisited (2) – The Singles

Madonna 'Nothing Fails' single cover

Contributed by divinah:

All in all, Madonna has 12 certified Billboard #1 singles. Unfortunately, the number of her singles that flopped is more than 12. She has 13 certified flop singles that tanked in the Billboard charts. The dates refer to the single’s release date and the numbers in brackets refer to the single’s peak position. If there’s no number inside the brackets, it means that that single is more than a certified flop – it didn’t chart at all! So let’s take a trip down memory lane…

1. Oh Father (11/11/89) [20] – No one could believe it in ‘89 when a Madonna song suddenly failed to reach the Top 10. At that time, some fans were prepared to drink the shampoo mixed with arsenic he bought from the local apothecary when they heard the news. They changed his mind though when “Oh Father’s” follow-up “Keep It Together” peaked at #8.

2. Bad Girl (2/20/93) [36] – Its semi-autobiographical video, which I believe truly reflects the state of Madonna’s life back then is spooky, eerie and really sad. This, by the way, was released in the midst of the “Sex/Erotica” backlash.

3. Bedtime Story (4/22/95) [42] – Released in the wake of her biggest hit ever, “Take A Bow.” Just when you thought she was getting over the “Sex/Erotica” backlash, things started to go bad again. The horrible song co-written by the horrible, weird and overrated Bjork had an eerie video. There were far better songs in “Bedtime Stories” which deserved to be released as singles, but no, Madonna had to prove a point. Was it worth it? No. Not only the single flopped – the single after that flopped better.

4. Human Nature (6/29/95) [46] – The follow-up to the horrible song “Bedtime Story” and Madonna’s grand screw you to everyone for the “Sex/Erotica” backlash. This too flopped.

5. Love Don’t Live Here Anymore (4/20/96) [78] – I was really surprised when Madonna decided to remix this old song from the “Like A Virgin” CD and included it in “Something To Remember” and release it as a single with a video. The song sucked and the video was boring.

6. Nothing Really Matters (3/1/99) [93] – Last single from the great “Ray Of Light” sessions. Bad way to close a great record.

7. American Pie (2/19/00) [29] – Personally, I think the remake and the video were great – also the movie where it came from was great. I just don’t understand why people hated those.

8. What It Feels Like For A Girl (Above And Beyond 12″ Club Mix) (05/05/01) [23] – It has a mysterious video clip directed by Guy Ritchie. Could’ve been a hit if the album version was released instead of this junk.

9. American Life (04/05/03) [37] – Need I say more? Well, simply put, this was the one that ended Madonna’s career. As we can see in the following….

10. Hollywood (04/05/03) [ ] – Yes, it didn’t chart at all.

11. Me Against The Music (Britney Spears Featuring Madonna) (10/25/03) [35] – How could Madonna have sunk so low? She could’ve at least chosen to do a duet with Floptina Aguilera, who has more musical integrity than this talentless trailer park girl!

12. Nothing Fails (12/27/03) [ ] – Apparently, everything was failing at this point. This didn’t chart either.

13. Love Profusion (04/03/04) [ ] – Didn’t chart as well.

With that, Madonna can rightfully be called The Queen of Flops. I REALLY wish that some fan of hers would do a similar list about Mariah Carey. If they do, I hope they base it on the Billboard Charts, which is official and legit, and not on some Third World-based tally. Trust me, if they ever do it, the list would not even qualify as short.

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11 thoughts on “Madonna’s Flops Revisited (2) – The Singles

  1. teddyhh says:

    what’s this? I thought this site is about news from the popbiz .. Can’t we agree that Madonna and Mariah are both successful artists in their own right and stop this *****?

  2. RPL says:

    Divinah please!!! This is getting out of control! We know hagdonnna is a untalented has-been desperate for a hit. And I also thought you liked brit, dissing her and saying floptina is better please! Cant wait for floptinas new album to flop like confessions of an old hag.

  3. EdwardAlex says:

    Divinah I think we are all convinced that you are obsessed with Madonna. 1- not a flop 3 Bedtime story… a taste of electronic music to come 7 that’s considered a hit 8 would have charted higher if it weren’t for the controversial video that was only aired after midnight which brings me to number… 9 American Life… she took the video off and sparked controversy by speaking against the US Government and mainly Gee Dubya the rest of the songs are just the after math… nothing fails is a deep and great ballad, love profusion is fun but had a crappy video because it had to look similar to the estee lauder commercial A personal note to you divinah… Madonna will always be known as the queen of Pop and nothing short of it. We couldn’t do a list of Mariah’s because a lot of her hits aren’t reputable… ahem payola!!! Your constant rambling isn’t fooling anyone. you just come off as a narrow minded, prejudice fool

    divinah your childish name calling does not hurt me.. I am comfortable in my own…’, ‘skin and calling me what I called you (a fool) completely shows your intelligence. And yeah the numbers could speak for themselves if MC didn’t use payola to buy herself success.

    haha RPL you little flamer… and its even funnier that you still believe’, ‘Britney has any talent. From day one she has been ripping off Madonna. She has producers and back up vocals to make her sound good. Madonna and Christina actually have talent to rely on… all Britney has is her digital camera to sell photos to the paparazzi.

  4. AllPopArtistsSuck says:

    i’m surprised she had one hit, this old b!tch disgusts me, her fake crappy vocals mixed with her nasty videos. she has the body of the boy and the face of a granny and she is having sex in her videos, yuk!! this old hag has never been a hit with me, glad she is dropping, we don’t want to see your saggy used ass old hag, bleh! guy please slap her into place!

  5. AFStud501 says:

    I’ve never heard ANY of these songs with the exception “Human Nature” & “Me Against The Music”. Were these songs really released as singles??!!?? If they were that’s very sad, because I’ll bet 99% of the population couldn’t tell you they know these as Madonna songs.

  6. hookedonmimi says:

    “Oh Father” of the greatest records ever made. It brought album sales way up but the single didn’t chart well because it didn’t fit the radio format. “Bad Girl.”….bad song, period. “Bedtime Story”..incredible song that was a preview of things to come. Still, a poor marketing choice and ruined her comeback momentum after “Take A Bow.” “Human Nature.”..worst song ever made. Why was this released? “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore.”…proves what a talented vocalist Madonna was, even in her early days. “Nothing Really Matters.”…the only song off of “Ray of Light” that didn’t matter. Again, poor choice for a single. “What It Feels Like For A Girl”..the song is hardly a flop, but not a big hit. I liked the video, but it really took away the beauty of the song. “American Life.”..great single released at the wrong time. Had this been released today, it would have been a huge hit. “Hollywood.”..another great song, but Madonna’s vocals in it were worse than the vocals of Britney Spears “Nothing Fails”…a brilliant song that would be a huge hit today. “Love Profusion.”….horrific song. Anyhow, Billboard Charts really don’t mean a song is good or bad. Today, Billboard’s charts are highly influenced by Payola or deeply discounted singles (Mariah is part of this, I have to admit).

    By the way, Divinah..some of your posts and comments are actually quite intelligent. It’s such a shame that you use credibility with your desperate attempts to criticize Madonna. By the way..I have bad news for you: COADF moves from 21 to 15 on the U.S. charts and despite the fact that most records declined at least thirty percent, she only declined three percent. It’s not as big as “The Emancipation of Mimi” but you have to give this woman credit!

  7. estephania says:

    I think I’ll start writing articles about Divinah’s flops at trying to post intelligent essays. I’d definitely have a lot of material to work with! Seriously Div, get off the Indian reserve in Whitehorse and get a life! No offense your family living there or any other Indians for that matter, but that is the only excuse I can think of for your blatant ignorance and obvious alcoholic tendencies! I suppose it’s not your fault though, you didn’t choose to be born that way. Get out now DIV. The liberals pay your tuition if you have status so get off the reserve!

  8. eminemsgayluvr says:

    Good, insightful observations…….’, ‘1. Oh Father had a great video so did Bad Girl; both songs were dark and were destined for flopdom due to the fact that Madonna fans (myself included) wanted Madonna to continue to be inspirational and fun not dark and depressing. 2. Bedtime Story is an okay song but may have been the beginning of the electronic crap. Song was distant and cold and didn’t have the fun or intimacy of earlier hits, again fans were disappointed….no fun. 3. The worst political statement ever done my Madonna. Whiny and so wrong in its point. She failed to realize she was being criticized for making crap & not for being too sexual. If the Sex book or Body of Evidence were actually good she wouldn’t have been so criticized! 4. Love Don’t Live…=boring, Nothing Really Matters=stupid video, American Pie=good remake but no sizzle, What It Feels Like…..=again too dark and depressing, the rest show that Madonna sadly lost her ability to make great pop songs. She began to take herself too seriously and lost her ability to have fun or be spontaneous. I’m telling you, the only thing that can save her is if she moves back to the States!

  9. PIGdonna Ciccone says:

    PIGdonna = flopped slut

  10. NEW YORKER says:


  11. Have a sit! says:

    You asked for it!

    Sweetheart #125
    Can’t take that away #28
    Never Too Far Didn’t even chart
    Don’t Stop Didn’t chart either
    Never too far/Hero #81
    Through the rain #81
    Boy (I Need You) Didn’t chart
    Bringin’ On the Heartbreak didn’t chart either
    Say Somethin’ #79
    I’ll Be lovin’ U Long time #58
    I Stay in love didn’t chart
    I Want to know what love is #60
    My Love #82
    HATE U didn’t chart
    Up out my face #100
    Angels Cry didn’t chart
    Oh Santa #100
    When Christmas comes didn’t chart
    All I want for christmas is you (superfestive!) #86
    Triumphant #115

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