Madonna’s Glee Over Mariah Tour Troubles

Madonna The Confessions Tour

A source tells the New York Daily News reports that Madonna “laughed hysterically” after being told Mariah Carey had been forced to cancel three dates on her upcoming tour. “She has been asking her tour promoters to E-mail her Mariah’s numbers,” the insider revealed. is also said to have been tickled to hear that Carey didn’t appreciate her musical director, ‘American Idol’ judge Randy Jackson, revealing on ‘The Tonight Show’ that he’d been inspired by attending Madonna’s show in Los Angeles.

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6 thoughts on “Madonna’s Glee Over Mariah Tour Troubles

  1. divinah says:

    Pure evil. Typical of this selfish insecure Corpse. I really wonder why The Corpse hate MC, who’s really the sweetest and kindest person one can meet, so much. Is it because of the 17 #1s and MC surpassing her accomplishments in the charts? Really.

  2. ScorpionMan says:

    This is when we see just how thick and stupid the Lambchops really are, that they believe this crap and start trying to convince themselves that Mariah is a God. YAWN!

  3. ScorpionMan says:

    My God Divinah, I don’t know you hated Madonna!! What a shocker! But let me ask you’, ‘this…don’t you ever get bored of talking about Madonna, even though you claim to hate her?? It’s all you talk about on this site. You can’t even talk about Mariah without mentioning Madonna.

  4. mandysdandy says:

    LOL! I doubt this story is true as Madonna has more important things to worry about than poor little Nutcase Mimi’s troubles. However, the fact that Nutcase had to cancel dates on a sure to be flop tour is hilarious. I’ve come to realize that the handful of idiotic Lambs that bought multiple copies of TEOM, can’t fill those damn stadium seats. You can’t mess with the Queen of Pop! Yes. I’m talking to you Nutcase Mimi.

  5. CELEBR8 says:

    I’m sure that Madonna isn’t worried about local star Mimi. If anything, I’m sure Madonna is flattered that Mimi is inspired by her, it’s the ultimate compliment.

    International Mimi Fans (if there are any), Please read. If there are any international Mimi fans on this site, please pay close attention to what Mimi’s domestic fans think of you. Most of her fans feel that your country is THIRD WORLD & not worthy. Basically, YOU DON”T MATTER! The US chart is the only place that Matters….Nice, isn’t it? No wonder why Mimi’s sales are nowhere near what they once were, her & her domestic fans could care less about you. I would hope you have enough sense to see this troubled woman & her fan base for what they really are and find an artist that would appreciate you no matter where you are in the world. America already looks bad to the world without these kinds of people putting down your country like it doesn’t matter, EVERY COUNTRY MATTERS!

  6. emancipated4life says:

    What the hell r u talking about, that article has 0 to do with what u just said, and Mariah does care about each and every fan that’s why she stays for several hours and album signings and hours after her concerts just to talks to her fans, and in her shows she really performs, she cares a hell of a lot about all of us and that’s why her fans luv her soooooo much and support like we do, even when glitter and Charmbracelet were tanking we all knew she’d be back, all the real fans.

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