Madonna’s Kabbalah Wedding Threat To Britney Spears

According to Us Weekly, has been urging pal Britney Spears to have a Kabbalah wedding with Kevin Federline, “or the friendship is over,” according to an insider. But that idea seems doubtful because a source says Federline hasn’t taken to Kabbalah. “It probably seems weird to him,” the source said.

Watch Video Clips Of Performing In Paris

September 8, 2004 – Contributed by StilettoSadist: has posted video clips they shot of the Saturday (September 4) show at the Palais Omnisports De Bercy, Paris. Songs featured are ‘Vogue’, ‘Nobody Knows Me’, ‘Frozen’, ‘American Life’, ‘Express Yourself’, ‘Music’ and ‘Holiday’.

Madonna’s Dealing With Kabbalah’s Budgets

September 7, 2004 – Madonna mouthpiece Liz Rosenberg denies the singer is auditing the London branch of the Kabbalah Center. “Madonna is on the board of the center’s Spirituality for Kids Foundation,” which gets most of the singer’s contributions, Rosenberg tells The New York Daily News. “A part of that responsibility includes dealing with the budgets.”

Manchester Brewer Greets Madonna With Personalized Ale

September 4, 2004 – ‘Top Of The Pops’ reports that brewers JW Lees presented Madonna for her re-Invention tour stop in Manchester with her own branded beer. They made a crateful of beer, specially labelled ‘Material Girl Ale’, using the design from the singer’s ‘Immaculate Collection’ album. An additional 300 bottles have been filled and labelled, and with its fruity punch of 7.5% alcohol.

Madonna Shuts Down Paris Street

September 3, 2004 – The New York Post reports Madonna causing the street to be shut down when she and daughter Lourdes were mobbed while visiting the new Paris shop of Diane von Furstenberg to wish her good luck.

Madonna Paris Concert Photos

September 3, 2004 – Madonna performed live in concert at the Palais Omnisports Paris Bercy in Paris, France on Wednesday (September 1) as part of her ‘Re-Invention’ world tour. Check out pictures from WireImage.

Madonna’s Tour Rakes In Over 21 Million From England

September 2, 2004 – Contributed by StilettoSadist: Madonna brought her Re-Invention tour to England playing 8 sold out shows for a total gross of $21,302,038 topping the latest Billboard Boxscore chart. Her shows at Wembley Arena are No. 1 with an attendance of 45,267. The total money earned from England combined with the total from the U.S. leg ($79,500,054) puts Madonna’s tour at an incredible $100,802,092 thus far. For a breakdown of the grosses from England by venue read on.
1. Wembley Arena: $9,809,717- 4 shows/45,267 attendance
2. Earls Court: $6,356,207- 2 shows/ 34,087 attendance
3. MEN’s Arena: $5,136,114- 2 Shows/ 27,320 attendance

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4 thoughts on “Madonna’s Kabbalah Wedding Threat To Britney Spears

  1. weebongo says:

    Wow..that’s amazing!! The tours made 100 M already and she just started doing Europe. That’s more than all the other pop stars made on their tours combined; Beyonce, Britney, Alicia Keys, Jessica, Mariah, Christina. .oh wait she cancelled her tour cause people weren’t buying tickets. lol. FOX and other media outlets should take a look at Billboard before they try to put down the success of Madonna’s obviously monster making tour.

  2. ihateoreilly says:

    I love how some news outlets are still making this tour out to be a “flop” and saying that Madonna is on the downslide. My gosh, I only WISH I could be that successful when my career is on the downslide.

  3. maryfingsunshine says:

    It’s not surprising, she’s ripping people off majorly! According to all of the reviews as well as the audience, the show is horrible and not worth the money. If there’s one thing I love about Europeans, they’re brutally honest, and they all say the show sucks, ROYALLY! This is definitely her last tour, she’s too old, and no one is interested. She may be making a lot of money, but she’s not filling seats! After all is said and done, she may make $120 million, but she’ll probably lose double that in all the unsold tickets!

  4. ihateoreilly says:

    LOL! Not ONE seat unsold idiot! LOL! every single seat is sold out…look at the Billboard facts..EVERY SHOW IS SOLD OUT…that’s what the posts say. the way..the reviews in the US were, in general, very good…but the reviews in Europe are incredible. Just about ever single review praises the tour there, especially in Ireland, where she played to 80,000 people.

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