Madonna’s New Album Leaked To Internet

Roger Friedman of reports that Madonna’s new album ‘Confessions On A Dance Floor’ has leaked to the internet ahead of its November 15th release date. He writes, “All in all, ‘Confessions’ is a return to what does best: mindless, fun, dance music.” Friedman added, “I never grade CDs, but let’s give her an A- and head for a nightclub. It’s just good fun.” Read more.

MTV Excited To Have For EMAs

November 3, 2005 – will give the first global live television performance from her new album when she appears at the MTV Europe Music Awards. “It is so hot for us to have Madonna, as her album is due out soon and her single has just been released, so it’s really timely for her and for us,” Brent Hansen, creative president at MTV Networks International tells Reuters.

SVT Chats With Madonna

November 1, 2005 – SVT recently caught up with Madonna to discuss her new album, where the singer talked about her decision to work with Bloodshy & Avant. Madonna said that her daughter Lourdes was a big fan of music they had written for former S Club star Rachel Stevens and Britney Spears. The two-minute interview has since been removed.

Madonna Racking Up Parking Tickets From Gym Visits

November 1, 2005 – OK! magazine reports that Madonna’s chauffeur has been gathering up $176 parking violations for the Material Girl, obtained during visits to the gym, totaling $4,388! The singer’s driver reportedly told an officer, “You know I can’t move, you know what I’m here for. So if you’re going to ticket me, just get on with it and get out of here.”

Madonna Wasn’t A Model Patient

November 1, 2005 – World Entertainment News Network reports that Madonna is admitting she freaked out after her horse riding accident, which resulted in a cracked scapula and broke four ribs. “I had to be rushed to the hospital and have a thousand X-rays and I was totally in denial,” she revealed. “I was screaming at the nurses; they weren’t very happy with me. I just thought, ‘Oh God, the rest of my summer’s ruined, I won’t be able to dance anymore, I won’t be able to do yoga anymore. How long will I be an invalid and incapacitated?’ I just freaked out.”

Kabbalah Guru Accused Of Fraud

October 31, 2005 – Shaul Youdkevitch, head of the Kabbalah Center in Israel, who got Madonna to make a pilgrimage to Israel last year, has been busted for defrauding a cancer-stricken woman out of $55,000, officials said Sunday.

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2 thoughts on “Madonna’s New Album Leaked To Internet

  1. EdwardAlex says:

    I’ve been lucky enough to hear the album and get ready for an amazing Madonna storm. This album is very promising and I think her best work to date since Ray Of Light. That is a pretty good review from Roger Friedman… he has always trashed Madonna in the past.

  2. CharlotteNCusa says:

    I have always been a Madonna fan. I would like to say that her current video makes her look like crap! Rolling around on the floor in the worst color outfit/hair ever! In the States, that look is not in (yes, in Britain, even stained teeth are considered sexy). The States are about working the camera, looking great, dancing around (rolling around on the floor the first two minutes is NOT dancing). I like the song, however the video does NOT flatter Madonna. She needs to release a “Stateside” video, and ship the current video back to Britan!

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