Madonna’s Record Of 17 Consecutive Top Ten Hits Broken In The UK

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According to, ‘Love Profusion’, the fourth UK single off ‘American Life’, debuts at #11, breaking Madonna’s string of 17 consecutive top ten hits that started with ‘You Must Love Me’ in 1996. There are however slim chances the song may go up since many singles experience a rise on the charts during the post-Christmas period, when there are very few new singles released. Still a good chart placing considering the lack of promotion it has received!

Following Madonna’s first major string of 35 consecutive top ten hits (a record for any act in the UK), which started with Like A Virgin in 1984 and ended when Take A Bow peaked at #16 in 1994, Madonna’s second major string of top ten hits gave her 17 entries:
1. You Must Love Me (#10 in October 1996)
2. Don’t Cry For Me Argentina (#3 in December 1996)
3. Another Suitcase In Another Hall (#7 in March 1997)
4. Frozen (#1 in March 1998)
5. Ray Of Light (#2 in May 1998)
6. Drowned World/Substitute For Love (#10 in August 1998)
7. The Power Of Good-Bye / Little Star (Double A-Side) (#6 in December 1998)
8. Nothing Really Matters (#7 in March 1999)
9. Beautiful Stranger (#2 in June 1999)
10. American Pie (#1 in March 2000)
11. Music (#1 in August 2000)
12. Don’t Tell Me (#4 in December 2000)
13. What It Feels Like For A Girl (#7 in April 2001)
14. Die Another Day (#3 in November 2002)
15. American Life (#2 in April 2003)
16. Hollywood (#2 in July 2003)
17. Me Against The Music ( feat. Madonna) (#2 in November 2003)

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8 thoughts on “Madonna’s Record Of 17 Consecutive Top Ten Hits Broken In The UK

  1. SJ says:

    MADONNA *STILL* SUCKS! Its sad that her last song that I actually “liked” was “Music”

    Another thing…. Is it me or is the person who wrote this post a moron? How the f**k is Madonna 17 Consecutive Top Ten Hits Broken if the b*tches new song landed at [#11]?

  2. rachel says:

    umm because 11 is after 10! All her other singles have been in the top 10 except for’, ‘this. She has been in the top ten 17 times, you get it?

  3. weebongo says:

    If Madonna spent more time promoting her music like she does her books it would be at the top of the charts. It seems like she’s putting all her effort into making the books a success and acting like music is something she does on the side. She went on Letterman, Leno and Opra for her books but nothing for her songs. Both her books went to #1 so the promotion worked, only if she could do that with her music. Maybe she’s getting bored with the whole singing thing and that’s why she’s been talking about the passing of the baton.

    Madonna is still making kick ass songs not like boring Mariah who does nothing but bomb with every record.

  4. angelM says:

    Aww that’s a shame for Madonna.I think the song is really sweet.But its still good to make it in at 11. Maybe the song will climb,who knows? But no matter what happens she still is popular and a legend!

  5. FuturePast says:

    I agree, Mariah’s music sounds the same. Madonna had some good stuff off the AL album, and Love profusion has gotten some good reviews as a single.

    Re: Weebongo. Madonna’s been in music biz double what Mariah has been in the biz!’, ‘However, Madonna has taken longer breaks inbetween projects. It was 4 years between BS and Ray of light. Mariah does one year after the other. She has been known to disappear and come back musically.

  6. weebongo says:

    In-between Bedtime Stories and Ray of Light she did the Evita movie & soundtrack. She is always releasing things between her studio albums and constantly working on something. There has only been 1 year since Madonna came out that she did not have a new song out and on the charts (1988).

  7. Jive says:

    Madonna has almost sold 200 million worldwide, and over 10 number one hits. She doesn’t need more. So does Mariah Carey. She already sold 150,000,000+ albums worldwide and has a record for most number one albums (4), which she ties with Britney, most number ones for a female artist, and consecutive weeks at number one in the Billboard 200. She even beat The Beatles for god sakes. The ones who need to prove more are Britney and Christina. I think they both will be the next best selling female artist. Right now, “Ghetto” music is ruling the charts, so we have to wait.

  8. Jive says:

    Britney doesn’t that have many number one singles, and hasn’t sold that many albums as Mariah. She needs more than 90 million albums sales to compare to Mariah’s and to reach her level of status. Also, Mariah has lasted more than a decade and Britney is relatively new in this business. I know Britney will be successful and could some day sell more than Mariah. Who knows.

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