Madonna’s Rep Confirms ‘Begging’ Incident

Madonna’s rep Liz Rosenberg confirmed the report that the Material Girl had to ask two sisters in London for $2 to pay for a piece of cake for her son Rocco. “It’s true,” Rosenberg told the New York Daily News. “The Material Girl didn’t have a penny. We’re trying to find the woman’s address so can pay her back.”

Asks Sisters For £1.25 To Pay For Food

November 21, 2002 – The Sun reports sisters Mimi and Titi Negussie were told by that she’d forgotten her purse, and were then asked for £1.25 from the pair, to buy a slice of cake for her son Rocco. “A woman came up and said, ‘Excuse me, but you look like really nice people. Can I borrow some money. We forgot our wallets’. She asked for £1.25 and promised to pay it back next time she saw me,” the 25 year old Mimi explained. “She pointed to the counter where Guy was looking embarrassed as he held a tray of food. I couldn’t believe it. She’s a big star, yet she was asking me for £1.25.” Read more.

Guy Ritchie Digs Madonna’s Bond Bondage Attire

November 19, 2002 – Guy Ritchie tells The Sun he wishes Madonna would wear the leather bondage gear which Madonna wears for her cameo role in ‘Die Another Day’ on her days off too. “When I saw her in that, I thought ‘phwoar’,” he said. “I wish she’d wear things like that at home.” At the premiere the couple ducked out of the film early and gave the aftershow party a pass.

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