Maid Claims Michael Jackson Showered And Bathed With Boys

Entertainment Tonight played a video the other night by Michael Jackson’s former maid Blanca Francia from back in 1993, where she claimed the King of Pop took baths and showers with young boys. “I saw these mothers taking these boys to the house, him sleeping with them for days and taking baths together, showers together,” she revealed. In 1988, Jackson moved to Neverland and Blanca, who is originally from El Salvador, began bringing her seven-year-old son to the ranch. It was then, she says, that Jackson’s behavior finally hit too close to home. “Michael and him in the sleeping bag, and my son getting closer to him, and I didn’t like that,” she says. “I open Michael’s room and I find my son sitting in his lap and I said, ‘What are you guys doing?’ and my son says, ‘Oh, I’m just coloring.'”

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One thought on “Maid Claims Michael Jackson Showered And Bathed With Boys

  1. Lotus says:

    Is she getting paid again or did they sort the re-run rights out 10 years ago? According to this documentary I have seen she was one of many employees that went to the papers rather then the police and she wasn’t considered to be a credible witness either. Just like all the other ex-employees that came forward at that time – to the press – with a story that they could trade in for some heavy cash. Some of them turned out to be after book deals and I don’t think the police ever considered any of them credible witnesses. Unfortunately this always happens when a celeb is in trouble. Everyone and their aunt comes out with a story that they can’t prove and the press eats up their every word.

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