‘Maid In Manhattan’ Runs On ‘Pretty Woman’ Ticket

Philip Wuntch of The Dallas Morning News reviewed the new Jennifer Lopez / Ralph Fiennes starring ‘Maid in Manhattan’, giving it only two stars. Wuntch says, “Ultimately, no matter how many wish-fulfillment fantasies the movie employs, a film like ‘Maid in Manhattan’ depends on simple chemistry. The sad truth is that as a couple J. Lo and Fiennes fail to duplicate the movie-star charisma of Julia Roberts and Richard Gere.”

Is ‘Steely And Manufactured’ In ‘Maid In Manhattan’

December 12, 2002 – Lisa Schwarzbaum of Entertainment Weekly reviewed Jennifer’s new film ‘Maid in Manhattan’, giving it a ‘C’. She says, in this “graceless variation on ‘Pretty Woman’ and ‘Working Girl,'” Lopez seems “steely and manufactured,” while Fiennes is “wan and watery.”

Talks With CNN

December 12, 2002 – Bill Hemmer of CNN spoke with Jennifer ahead of her new movie ‘Maid in Manhattan’ and also asked the singer about fiance Ben Affleck. Asked if she ever tries to conceal their relationship, or if she finds it impossible, Lopez says, “We’re not trying to do anything except be two people in love. I mean, we’re not trying to do anything; we’re just being ourselves. People catch pictures and they want to publish them — that’s a whole different other animal that we can’t control.” Read more.

Jennifer Lopez’s Retaurant Scores An ‘A’ With Health Inspectors

December 12, 2002 – Star magazine reports that unlike Britney Spears’ failed Nyla venture, Jennifer is scoring high marks with city health inspectors. The latest inspector’s report for Madre’s left only two notes suggesting she “repair toilet seat in the employee restroom and post ‘no smoking’ signs in the bathroom.’ Pasadena’s restaurant cleanliness czar Mel Lim said, “She got 85%. We give her an A.”

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