Making The Band Getting 8 More Episodes

fan site reports: “We have heard from many sources that MTV will be picking up 8 more episodes of Making The Band and will be airing them late summer.”

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5 thoughts on “Making The Band Getting 8 More Episodes

  1. Syndney says:

    That’s great news what a cool way to promote their cd coming out this summer. ;-) MTV and J Records sure knows how to promote this group.

  2. SummerRain says:

    Now the promotion begins. Their cd is scheduled to be released in July. Word on the street is that “American Game” is the first single off of it. We all thought it was the last of them not yet anyways. The good old days of Nsync and Backstreet are now gone.

  3. AJsGirl4Life says:

    Ha, don’t you wish. OTOWN have yet to earn the respect of artists and musicians in the industry.

  4. Jen says:

    Whatever heifer! What are these the days of O-town now? Please! O-town sucks ass, and almost everyone knows it. Their “success” was a total fluke, and maybe;hopefully, as soon as 1 year from now no one will even remember they existed. O-town…even their name is cheesy.

  5. SummerRain says:

    That was uncalled for and just plain rude. For your information I am not a fan of theirs just making a statement and what I have read. No need to call anyone names over a statement you don’t agree with.

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