Making The Band Season 4 In Question

According to, there still is some question on whether or not there will be a season 4 of MTV’s ‘Making the Band’. On March 30, there will be a MTB marathon of season 3 which will all lead up to the season finale.

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6 thoughts on “Making The Band Season 4 In Question

  1. Syndney says:

    Can we dare hope this is the end and final end to this series.

  2. EndIsNear says:

    Poor O Town, they keep falling and breaking their bones and now this.

  3. Syndney says:

    I forgot Otown has a cd out this summer that is going to be great and make them worldwide. ;-)

  4. JustinsGirl44 says:

    Oh God!! i hope it is the end of them!!! they really shouldn’t have a show out!

  5. LilMands82 says:

    oh no!!! no more making the band?! HOWEVER will I manage to go on with my life!?

    I was against the whole thing to begin with. Showing the way O-town was made has given a bad name to Nsync and alot of other pop bands out there. Nsync did not go to auditions and mess like that. They put themselves together. They write their own songs and O-town can’t even get a song on their cd. When people start lumping Nsync (who’ve already proven themselves- in my opinion) and O-town together it pisses me off.

  6. Jake4u says:

    Be against the show all you like! But since you know if they’re getting there own songs on the album or not, you’re apparently watching it! I’m not! cause I can’t, and the show isn’t why I like O-town! And actually I can’t see your problem, if you don’t like the tv- show then DON’T watch it!

    Of course people are comparing bands together they’ve always done that and probably always will!

    Actually I’m not that in too Nsync so actually I’d rather appreciate that O-town wasn’t compared to those guys!

    Trust me I can see the difference between O-town and Nsync! But I’m not gonna go there, that’s not how I support my guys! If you like Nsync then you do that!

    I don’t care if they make a season 4 or not, I can’t watch it anyway, but I do like the fact that they’ve showed it on tv!

    It gave ‘normal’ people a chance to see what’s going on behind the scenes! How you actually could make a boyband! Fine with me!

    And I don’t care if Nsync put themself together or not! O-town’s not the first boyband in history who’s manufactured/put together! And they’ll probably not be the last!

    And because the band’s manufactured doesn’t make them any less of a band!

    The guys are some talented guys! They were just guys with dreams who saw this show as there chance to make it! And who can be against that?

    You can be against the concept, but then again WHY are you watching it? Why do you even care if you don’t like the show?

    And actually if I it was up to me then I’ll probably wish they wouldn’t make a season 4, cause then people might start judging them on what they should be judge on! THERE MUSIC!

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