Mams Taylor: Thank You Michael Jackson

reacted to the death of on his blog at MySpace (@mamstaylor) on Friday (June 26). The ‘Girl Gotta Girlfriend’ singer writes:

Michael Jackson’s legacy will live as long as there is life in music. Arguably the greatest entertainer in the world. Amazing live shows, so many smash hits! So much talent! An enigma of a man. He was an icon and a legend. The man was a true superstar that left you staring at him in awe if you ever got the chance to see him. He would leave you star struck.

This man touched so many lives through his talent, energy and his art. He contributed to so many good causes and paved the way for many artists. He inspired millions of people including me.

I personally believe our souls or energy can never die so death is not something I mourn. I celebrate his life and will miss his enigmatic energy on our planet in the form of the THE KING OF POP-MICHAEL JACKSON. Thank you for EVERYTHING!!

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