Mandi Perkins Filming Video For Her First Single

Mandy Perkins performs a cover of 'Sweet Dreams' by Eurythmics checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@mandiperkins) on Thursday (February 21), talking about doing a music video for her first single ‘Who I Am’. The singer writes:

Hey Guys:

This Saturday, we are doing the video for my first single! So damn excited. It’s being brought to you by the same team that did the ‘Who I am’, video (which you haven’t yet seen ?) But I promise you will soon. The set is being built as I write this… think Tim Burton meets Baz Luhrmann.

Since I want it to be a surprise, I’ll just say that the video involves a crazy wedding scene, special gnarled trees, an amber sky and thousands of leaves… Definitely late autumn gone wrong.

I’ll have some behind the scenes footage and a bunch of new pictures up by early next week. And I think the video should probably be released in April or May. We’re hoping this one goes all around the world. Global baby global!!

Thanks so much for all your support. I wont be able to answer much mail until next week, but please throw me a comment when you can.

Have a great weekend

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One thought on “Mandi Perkins Filming Video For Her First Single

  1. George Henkel says:

    Hello Mandi Perkins
    Just wanted to point out that you are Recording Video.
    Shooting Video, Video Imaging, Video Recording… Etc.
    Sounds more professional and is more accurate for all.
    It’s better when you look and appear like a pro.
    Filming is in the Movies not in Video.
    George Henkel

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